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I've been writing Star Trek: The Next Generation fanfics since 2000. Since I was 14. In middle school, Next Generation books were all I read. I've never posted my early works. Too Mary-Suish. I feel that as a writer, I've grown in the last 14 years. 

TNG is my focus of my fanfics, with Riker and Troi being the center of all the action. I love reading Voyager fanfics as well. Paris and Torres were also my main focus for Voyager fanfiction in middle school. But I won't post those here either. 

I've got the hugest crush on Riker. *Heh, since I was 14 ironically.* What can I say? The man is beautiful. 

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Series by zeusfluff
Summary: This series of stories follows the aftermath of the botched Borg invasion of the Enterprise. Will Riker finds that a former colleague, a Starfleet officer and Doctor, Eric Sartos is giving nanite technology to the Cardassian's.
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Categories: Next Generation, Alternate Universes
Characters: Riker, William, Troi, Deanna
Genre: Drama
Warnings: Adult Language, Adult Situations, Violence
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