Penname: Squid_Toast [Contact]
Real name: Hood. Koschei Hood.
Member Since: 30 May 2013
Membership status: Member
Bio: "I'm a bird! I'm a plane! I'm a choo-choo train!" (Yes, I like The A-Team.)

Member of #TeamBarclay, #TeamLore, and #TeamQ.

Bit of a freak. Everyone knows that. I make videos and do photography. Uhm...Yeah...that's me. Oh! I like Doctor Who, Hetalia, Cowboy Bebob and The Nerdist. I also make Star Trek remixs, they're all on YouTube.
I'm very musician-y...I write a lot of DS9 songs. Don't judge me by my writing. I fall flat on my face trying to discuss religion or ethics. Talk to me directly for my veiw. Um...My best friend, James, he's a trekkie, too, so we call him Jim. I have special permission to call him Neelix. My friends call me 'The Giant Squid of Anger', but if you call me that here, I WILL END YOU.
I can be somewhat dramatic. I've also got, let's see, 16 ST novels, as well as 45 of my favourite FanFics saved in my mobile device. It takes a lot to drain my imagination.

{What I was writing in peoples yearbooks at the end of the 2012-2013 year: Changlings rule, solids suck, Niners will take over the Earth.}

Just remember. Squids are people too.
Gender: undisclosed
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