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52, mother of three.  Live in PA, have been a die-hard TOS fan since I was 11 and saw my first episode 'A Private Little War'.   I'm particularly partial to the Kirk-Spock-McCoy friendship (no slash here), so most of my work centers around this.

I've had no formal training, never took writing classes, nor had a burning desire to put pen to paper since childhood.  Outside of assignments for school, I'd never written anything in my life until early 2009, when two other Trek-author friends dared me to try my hand at fan fiction - something I was convinced I simply couldn't do.

Well, apparently they knew better than me. ;-)  Since then I've penned 60 stories, with more in the works.  Just want to say thanks to two wonderful ladies who helped me discover a side of myself I never knew was there. :D

Since I've become more prolific than I ever intended, here's a list of my works, in chronological order within TOS as well as my own 'fanon':

Matters of the Vulcan Heart
In the Weeds
Before the Dying of the Light
Childhood's End
The Ruthless Hand of Man
For the Love of a Good Woman
The Road Less Traveled
The Best-Laid Plans
Hidden Truths
For the First Time
One Small Step
Great Expectations
What Lies Within
Letting Go
For the Hundredth Time
All in a Day's Work
See the Cosmos
Sleeping With the Enemy
Through the Looking Glass
Turning the Tables
Simple Gifts
Perdition's Flames
Three Sheets to the Wind
Call of Duty
The Awakening
Our Brother's Keepers
Intersection Points
His Last Breath
Learning Curve
Precious Gift
The Ties That Bind
Into the Lion's Den
Six Degrees of Separation
Into the Maelstrom
The Winds of Change
Shadows and Dust
The First Terrace of Purgatory
All That He Was
As I Lay Dreaming
Breath of Life
The Family I Know
Brother of the Heart
A Mother's Love

AU stories - in alphabetical order:

God Only Knows
Hell to Pay
Journey's End
The Last Full Measure
The Long Way Home
Where I Belong

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