Penname: mdgarcia [Contact]
Real name: Michael D. Garcia
Member Since: 10 Feb 2009
Membership status: Administrator

Who am I?  I'm an engineer by day and a writer/radio show host by night.  I tend to divide my time between writing fanfic and writing original science-fiction stories.

What am I working on (as of 1/17/2015)?

  • Star Trek: Full Speed Ahead #10: Bitter Pills

  • Star Trek: Full Speed Ahead: Ubi Bene Ibi Domo

  • Star Trek: The New Threat, Chapter Twelve.

Beta Reading: I will happily beta-read, but I'm incredibly harsh on grammar and plot.  So, if you have a fragile ego... might want to look somewhere else, because I offer nothing short of complete brutality.  You have been warned.

MSN IM: MSN IM bfh00 [AT] hotmail [DOT] com
Yahoo IM: ncc1701
Beta-reader: Yes
Gender: male
Twitter: @otaking
Can we advertise your stories off-site (social media, blogs, etc)?: Yes
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