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I'm a semi-talented Boston Terrier.

I've been writing since I was a kid, and got some formal writing education from Kitty Lindsay (my High School AP English teacher) and Poet George Starbuck (yes, that was his real name; I learned Creative Writing from him at Boston University) ( ).

I blog here!

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Challenges by jespah

As submitted by FalseBill: Given January seems to have being a bad month for so many let's go with the 'Overcoming Calamity' as the February challenge theme.Calamity Jane

So, obviously, this month is about your characters overcoming a calamity! No maximum length required. New challenges only for the first two weeks, and if no one replies by then, older stories may be submitted. Good luck, Ad Astra denizens! (Especially after January!)

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As submitted by Jespah!
Let's do a challenge about minor medical issues, seeing as my allergies are running (heh) rampant right now. TissuesSo, nothing life or death, and it might not even merit a visit to sickbay. But someone or other is under the weather in our various universes.



Also: Last challenge before TToT15, coming mid-May!

See: challenge on the forums

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