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Summary: In the year 2255, the U.S.S. Enterprise, under command of
Captain Christopher Pike begins her five-year mission. Her first journey is to the troubled Tarsus Colony. What she finds there will change the nature of many things.
Rated: T
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Genre: Alternate Universe
Warnings: Adult Language
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Published: 19 Aug 2010 Updated: 09 Sep 2010
Story Notes:
The series title "Shadows And Suns" is one first used by myself over a decade ago. I've borrowed it for this series set in an alternate universe TOS era. This marks my full-time return to fanfic writing after an absence of several years. It's good to be back.

1. Chapter 1 by KevinJ [Reviews - 1] (4284 words)
This is the complete story of just over 4000 words. Major characters include Pike, Spock, Dr. Boyce and Number One. Part two of this "episode" to be posted next Friday, August 27th 2010.

2. Chapter 2 by KevinJ [Reviews - 1] (3755 words)
Spoilers for Part 1. As requested by moderators, I will add each new story as a chapter to this series. When it's complete, I will begin a brand new series under a new title. Sorry for any misunderstanding or confusion.