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Dr. Sekdain Istep, CMO of the Cardassian warship Trager, is stretched like never before when he becomes part of the Thirteenth Order rebellion and finds his practice expanding in a way few Cardassian physicians have ever had to contend with.

(SPOILERS for The Thirteenth Order up to Chapter 16.)

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1. Shared Practices by Nerys Ghemor [Reviews - 3] Liked (1646 words)

This came about over at Ad Astra as a response to a prompt to come up with a day in the life of a character, and have them narrate it. Mine got a little detailed, so I decided to post it up here as a ficlet. The narrator is Dr. (Dalin) Sekdain Istep of the Trager, and this takes place a few days after the Battle of Lessek in The Thirteenth Order--so about the same time as the material that has currently been posted.

Obviously there are HEAVY spoilers for The Thirteenth Order, so consider yourself warned.

(BTW, this is Istep's mental "journal," not anything he spoke or wrote aloud.)