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Protecting Borders;  Saving Lives;  Holding the Line

Stories charting the events and characters during the Romulan War. Focusing primarily on the crew of the Falcon class Red Kite.

Rated: K
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Genre: Action/Adventure, Drama, Friendship
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Series: Border Dogs
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Published: 06 Jun 2010 Updated: 14 Jun 2010

1. Author's Preamble by Miranda Fave [Reviews - 4] Liked (1762 words)

2. Cheron: Her Last Battle by Miranda Fave [Reviews - 4] Liked (2097 words)

The Battle of Cheron, a decisive battle of  the Romulan War, and a fighter pilot is fighting for her life ...

3. Cheron: His Last Command by Miranda Fave [Reviews - 4] Liked (2450 words)

As the battle of Cheron wages, one ship and one crew play their role in turning the tide of war against the Romulans.