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Gusts and Gales


January 23rd, 2363

Andoria, Shran Province

Shran Province Mental Asylum


                He quickly made his way inside, carefully stepping over the guard's body. One stab to a vital organ and a knife laced with a quick acting poison made the kill quiet. Two more guards left.

                His eyes studied the darkened halls as the storm outside pounded the structure; it was prime Andoria snow season. The gusts and gales made the building, already cold, even colder...and it made it far more depressing. He could hear the screams of insanity from the cells nearby, but he had been trained to ignore it.

                It was his first mission; simple extraction of a high priority asset. Section 31 was adamant that he succeed and failure was not an option; that had been made perfectly clear. Sloan himself had expressed confidence that he could carry this mission out and that was more than enough reason not to fail; training with Sloan all those months had proved to him that the man was far colder than anyone could have really ever guessed.

                Vick Johansson's eyes darted to the left, his ears picking up the faint sound of footsteps on the cold, metallic floor. The gusts and gales howled outside, covering Vick's footsteps as he approached the guard. He threw himself quietly into a corner, squatting and waiting. He had his knife at the ready, already stained with blue blood.

                A very slow, long minute passed and then the guard walked by him as though he wasn't there; he sprung up quickly, cupping his left hand over the guard's mouth and then slashing the throat quickly, quietly.

                A slow gurgling sound was heard, but it was easily covered up by the howling of the gales and gusts. Vick slowly lowered the body onto the floor, quietly and deliberately. One guard left and then Vick had to open the asset's cell.

                He began to walk slowly towards the other end of the hallway, where the last guard was on station. This would be the easiest kill of all, as this guard was watching the monitors; which Vick had looped to make everything appear fine.

                After a few seconds taken to prepare himself, Vick turned the corner, but stopped quickly.

                The guard wasn't there.

                Immediately Vick's mind flew; something had gone wrong. That's when he heard the clear planting of a heavy foot behind him-someone was preparing to swing hard.

                He rolled to his right, grazed by the punch of the much taller and heavier Andorian guard. Vick's knife felt to the floor, clattering.

                The entire asylum erupted in screams for help, screams of agony, and maniacal laughter.   

                The guard took out his own blade and began to eye Vick. He jabbed twice to the left, once to the right, and then went high. Vick avoided them all barely, his ribs throbbing from the grazed punch. The jabs by the guard were hard and fast, a lot of force put into them. If one of those jabs hit Vick, it would be end of mission...and of his life.

                His training kicked in now, his mind taking over and calming down the rest of his body; he controlled his heart rate, careful not to get overexcited. The Andorian had height and power on his side, but Vick was faster. He backed into the hallway as the Andorian glared at him.

                The bodies of the previous guards made eerie silhouettes in the darkened hallway.

                Vick was weaponless for the moment, unable to get back to his knife...so he had to get the Andorians. He charged the Andorian and then broke to the right as the Andorian predictably jabbed left. Vick grabbed the back of the Andorian's right arm and used it to swing himself around.

                He then wrapped his legs around the Andorian's, and pushed forward. The Andorain fell forward, his body unbalanced. He dropped the knife in order to avoid stabbing himself.

                The two men fell to the floor, and the Andorian used his weight to roll onto Vick. The Andorian's hands wrapped around Vick's throat, choking the life out of him as the storm outside grew worse, the sound of the screaming from the cells seemingly louder.

                Vick didn't try to fight the Andorian off, but instead took his hands and pressed them into the Andorian's eyes. Soon, blue blood began to pour from the sockets of the Andorian, and a new scream was heard in the night...the guard's.

                Vick pushed the screaming Andorian off him, and reached for the Andorian dagger, grabbing onto it firmly. He twirled it in his hand once, and then got on his knees over the Andorian.

                He plunged the dagger into the Andorian's throat, twisting it twice and then pushing it in deeper.

                The blood began to leak from the wound, as Vick stood. His uniform was stained with the blue blood, but he could always get a new one.

                But he noticed something else.

                His hands were shaking. After a moment of staring at them, his mind told him to control his fear, and control himself.

                Vick took a deep, steadying breath, and his hands stopped shaking. He went back and picked up his blade, and secured it into his pocket. He then found the guard's keys and proceeded to the assets cell.

                She had been sent here years ago, only as a small child; too dangerous a mind to have loose in the general population. She was brilliant, but unstable...her thoughts were powerful.

                She was a living weapon and a rare Andorian telepath.

                Section 31 wanted her.

                He approached her cell, and unlocked it. The door swung open quickly and Vick stood at the threshold.

                He had to remember to breathe. She was...breathtaking. Her skin a near white, her hair silver...platinum almost.

                Complete the mission...she's an asset, that's all, he told himself.

                After a moment he walked in, his body immediately detecting a drop temperature. The room was freezing. He looked at her. "We need to go."

                She was staring out her window...quiet. Among the madness going on around the, she was silent...among the gusts and gales going on outside her window she was merely a face that made no sound.

                She turned to him. "Why?"

                He could feel her...in his mind. He rejected the telepathic contact vehemently, eliciting a gasp of surprise from her.

                She stared at him. "You...won't let me in."

                "We go...now."

                She nodded slowly and he grabbed her hand, holding on tight. They made their way through the bodies scattered in the hallway, her eyes taking in each one. "Why have you saved me?" She asked quietly, barely heard over the screaming of her former cellmates.

                He shook his head. "I work for someone who wants you to render services to them...I didn't save you."

                "No...you did," she said confidently.

                They reached the beam out sight and Vick pulled out his tricorder, scanning that everything was in its place.

                He tapped his combadge twice while activating the tricorder, leaving it on the ground below.

                They beamed into a nearby shuttlecraft and Vick pulled out of orbit.

                Meanwhile, back on the planet, the entire facility they had just come from was obliterated by a bomb, vaporizing all evidence and those sick people locked away.

                Vick was ordered to leave no survivors...no witnesses...no evidence.

                But as he made a few course corrections, he noticed something.

                His hands were shaking again.




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