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The Dominion has won the war. Some species have paid with their lives--humanity has paid its price in another coin.

But the Dominion has underestimated the children of Earth and Cardassia Prime...

This is a Sigils and Unions main universe-based AU.

Rated: K+
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Series: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions
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Published: 14 Jan 2010 Updated: 14 Jan 2010
Story Notes:

This story is written in an AU based on my main Sigils and Unions universe, and looks at a possibility of what could’ve happened if the Dominion had won—however, I envision the turning point in the war as being something else in “Sacrifice of Angels”: a life spared (Ziyal), and a life ended (Odo). Whether the Sisko lives, I do not know…but if he has died, it could explain a lot as well. I was inspired in this challenge by Captain Sarine’s descriptions in his entry from last month of the conflict in her hybrid Vorta Peekar’s mind…I wondered what would happen if a conflict like that spread over an entire race. With his gracious permission, I submit this stream-of-consciousness remembrance to you as my entry for January.

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