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After the destruction of Vulcan, the galaxy is in turmoil. Various factions come together aboard the Enterprise for peace talks with a Romulan Praetor who's not all that he seems but then again neither is anyone else. This story contains a lot of Romulan world building.
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Rated: MA
Categories: Alternate Original Series Characters: Ensemble Cast - AOS, Spock (Quinto), Uhura, Nyota (Saldana)
Genre: Action/Adventure, Drama, General, Humor, IDIC, Mystery, Romance
Warnings: Adult Language, Adult Situations, Character Death, Graphic Het, Violence
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 22 Completed: No
Word count: 74756 Read: 3811
Published: 18 Dec 2009 Updated: 05 Jan 2011

Story Notes:
After ST2009 homage to Journey to Babel but different.

1. Doppelganger by Blond Goth Girl [Reviews - 2] (2001 words)
The Praetor's son is not all that he seems.

2. The Last Praetor by Blond Goth Girl [Reviews - 2] (6220 words)
Maybe love at first sight does exist. Sen discovers a life threatening secret. Will he be the last Praetor?

3. The Twelve Days of Courtship by Blond Goth Girl [Reviews - 2] (2811 words)
During Spock's courtship of Uhura, a certain captain nearly gets killed. Who knew helping a friend could be so dangerous?

4. For Whom the Bells Toll by Blond Goth Girl [Reviews - 2] (1703 words)
After Spock learns of his eccentric sister clan, he and Nyota take their vows in a blended Vulcan/African wedding.

5. Mutt and the Addle Brained Vulcan by Blond Goth Girl [Reviews - 1] (3211 words)
Not all Vulcans are computers and not all strangers are what they seem.

6. Greatness by Blond Goth Girl [Reviews - 2] (7179 words)
A look back at the Uhaii and Sen.

Dedicated to Miranda Fave who asked about the history of the Uhaii and encouraged my OC creation and Nerys Ghemor who encouraged me in my Romulan world building.

7. Peace Through Superior Weaponry by Blond Goth Girl [Reviews - 3] (3430 words)
The Enterprise and the Praetor's flagship have an unusual encounter. A little Sen and Alawa is referenced in this.

8. The Dawn of Autumn by Blond Goth Girl [Reviews - 1] (4922 words)
Sarek follows a budding relationship to its logical conclusion.

9. Hodge Podge by Blond Goth Girl [Reviews - 1] (2317 words)
Need It? We have it. Don’t Need It. We still have it. Can’t imagine it? We still have it.

While diplomats fight over who owns the space dust, we bargain. Conveniently located near the Briar Patch but not to close and not serving any Empire. Visit us because we have it.

No weapons allowed. Management reserves the right to refuse service to any patron. Politics forbidden – Credits Welcome. Parking validated with purchase of two hundred credits or more per day.

10. Kirk, Captain...Lady Killer by Blond Goth Girl [Reviews - 1] (2119 words)
Kirk chases Autumn and tricks her into a date. What happens when Sarek finds out? Vulcans are logical and unemotional, aren't they?

11. Sarek Versus Kirk by Blond Goth Girl [Reviews - 1] (2619 words)
To win Autumn, Sarek battles wits with Kirk using logic, wine and canines.

12. Etiquette Challenged by Blond Goth Girl [Reviews - 1] (2280 words)
Rishley and T'Pyre rendezvous with the Enterprise and things go haywire. If a Vulcan dyes her hair purple, does that mean she's mentally unbalanced? After all, not all Vulcans subscribe to logic.

13. Money Take, Freedom Forsaken by Blond Goth Girl [Reviews - 1] (5040 words)
Romulans play some dirty politics but so do Orions.

14. The Talvath Initiative by Blond Goth Girl [Reviews - 1] (3837 words)
Covert Conversation Caitian here. You know you love me. What is the Praetor's secret addiction? Will Sen and Alawa succeed in their negotiations with the Talvath? Will Alawa notice the new Orion stud on campus?

15. Blood Vengeance by Blond Goth Girl [Reviews - 1] (4162 words)
Sen avenges Alawa in an immoral way when he confronts Nika. The Romulan in him comes out in spades.

*Sensative readers be warned.

16. Control and Compassion by Blond Goth Girl [Reviews - 0] (3644 words)
Alawa confronts Mindel and both discover something unexpected.

17. History's Fallacies by Blond Goth Girl [Reviews - 1] (2329 words)
Sometimes history is made with a dramatic event or speech. Other times, it is made by the simple hatred of beans.

18. Reindeer Games by Blond Goth Girl [Reviews - 1] (3663 words)
Kirk looked at Spock and shook his head slowly. “Sometimes it doesn’t pay to get up in the morning. Which disaster would you like to handle?”

19. Massages, Calculations and Wrestling by Blond Goth Girl [Reviews - 0] (3335 words)
Now that you've seen the title, the question is who is doing what to whom?

20. Bittersweet Symphony by Blond Goth Girl [Reviews - 0] (2612 words)
“I am curious to see exactly what Rishley is doing.” Sarek grabbed his Vulcan robes which covered his pajamas. “It seems this Rishley is a walking disturbance.”

21. Inconvenient Circumstances by Blond Goth Girl [Reviews - 0] (2832 words)
The Enterprise command crew decide to reunite the Praetor and the love of his life but have one huge obstacle in their way: her marriage.

22. Twelve Little Suspects by Blond Goth Girl [Reviews - 0] (2490 words)
And now the Orions join the Enterprise for the peace talks.