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Summary: Seventeen separate AU ficlets featuring Q.
Rated: T
Categories: Original Series, Next Generation, Voyager, Alternate Universes, Expanded Universes Characters: Guinan, Janeway, Kathryn, Kirk, James T., Picard, Jean-Luc, Q, Riker, William, Rogers, Amanda
Genre: Alternate Universe, Drama, Family, Het, Horror, Humor, Slash, Tragedy
Warnings: Adult Language, Adult Situations, Character Death
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Chapters: 17 Completed: Yes
Word count: 51530 Read: 30257
Published: 04 Feb 2009 Updated: 04 Feb 2009
Story Notes:
Remember the "Five Things That Never Happened To So-and-So" meme? Well, Q wouldn't settle for just five, so I had to do seventeen, and for a character that represents endless possibilities, "never happened to" seemed too strong, so it's "might have happened to."

1. Safe by Alara Rogers [Reviews - 0] (121 words)

2. Assassin by Alara Rogers [Reviews - 1] (723 words)
John de Lancie actually wanted Q to do this in the episode "True Q". I'm kind of glad he didn't get his way. :-)

3. Testing the Captain by Alara Rogers [Reviews - 1] (393 words)

4. The Louder the Screech by Alara Rogers [Reviews - 1] Liked (556 words)
Any resemblance between this and a well-known P/Q fic is... purely intentional, I assure you. I mock because I love.

5. Mermaid by Alara Rogers [Reviews - 0] (759 words)

6. Bad Call by Alara Rogers [Reviews - 0] (177 words)
I could have chosen to be a Markoffian sea lizard, or a Belzoidian flea. Anything I wished, as long as it was mortal." - Q, "Deja Q"

7. Q Babysits by Alara Rogers [Reviews - 0] (1628 words)
This title, like the entire chapter "Assassin", comes from an interview with John de Lancie about the episode "True Q", which he refers to as "the episode where Q babysits."

8. Prisoner of Love by Alara Rogers [Reviews - 0] (1298 words)

9. The Cold Equations by Alara Rogers [Reviews - 0] (2188 words)
This section was inspired by a discussion with Heylir, who's writing a Russian Deja Q spinoff, "To Be Human". However as usual all ideas and execution are mine.

10. Daddy's Little Girl by Alara Rogers [Reviews - 0] (4636 words)
Based on the Voyager episodes "The Q and the Grey" and "Counterpoint".

11. Crew Q by Alara Rogers [Reviews - 0] (6288 words)

12. Unexpected ConseQuences by Alara Rogers [Reviews - 0] (5790 words)

13. Displaced Persons by Alara Rogers [Reviews - 0] (10227 words)

14. Qube Root by Alara Rogers [Reviews - 0] (5200 words)
This segment is based on the pro novel by Peter David, "Q-Squared". It bears very little resemblance to current canon regarding Q reproduction, because at the time Peter David wrote the book, none of the Voyager episodes dealing with reproduction in the Continuum had aired. If you have not read the book, this segment won't make much sense, and it also contains spoilers for the book. Which I heartily recommend you read if you like Q, and if you don't like Q, I don't get why you're reading this fanfic. So if you want to skip this segment, go to the library, get "Q-Squared" and read it first, go right ahead. I'll wait. :-)

15. Knitting by Alara Rogers [Reviews - 0] (2118 words)

16. Assassin, Revisited by Alara Rogers [Reviews - 0] (5003 words)

17. The Possibilities Are Endless by Alara Rogers [Reviews - 0] (4425 words)