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Fifteen-year-old Cardassian refugee Hirhul Mendral tries to settle into the social life of his Phoenix high school--only to discover that after a year on Earth, he's still not through with culture shock...

(Written for the April TrekBBS Writing Contest. Thanks to Mistral for expressing an interest in Mendral's high-school days!)

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Series: Star Trek: Sigils and Unions--Catacombs of Oralius
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Published: 27 Apr 2009 Updated: 27 Apr 2009

1. The Image and the Spirit by Nerys Ghemor [Reviews - 7] (2099 words)

Please note that all Sigils and Unions continuities accept the Pocket Books explanation of the Eugenics Wars as being mainly covert operations.

I also wanted to tackle what I see as a major ethical issue involving holodecks. I know not everybody will agree with this. I also know that not everyone will think Hirhul handled it right.

Just remember, no matter what you think right or wrong...this is a fifteen-year-old kid we're talking about. He's not going to handle it exactly like an adult.