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Noonien Soong faked his death – barely. The moment Enterprise left (TNG “Brothers”), he staggered to his lab and conducted a full consciousness transfer into a new ultra-advanced android body. In the years that followed, Soong set up a casino on Orion to build a fortune, and sent out intel feelers to every corner of the quadrant. He was visited by an agent of the Fellowship of Artificial Intelligences, but turned down their invitation to join. He watched proudly as his beloved son Data continued to develop, but was devastated when Data died (TNG “Nemesis”). Ever since, he has tried to think of a way to bring Data back to life. When he saw the Breen attacking Maddox’s lab on Galor IV and stealing his children’s bodies, he triggered the alarm (evading Starfleet as they chased him around the city), and then followed the Breen. He knows he will need Starfleet’s help to face whatever the Breen are planning...



When Voyager and Demeter emerge from slipstream, they find themselves at the edge of a massive void. The expanse is not empty – it is cloaked. Waveforms attack, but Voyager sends back the message they received years ago; the waveforms respond by uncloaking everything, revealing whole sectors reduced to rubble. O’Donnell locates the one remaining intact planet, with myriad animal and plant species transplanted from destroyed worlds. The waveforms are trying to fulfil their directive – “sustain” – but the ecosystem is eating itself, hence their call for help. Chakotay worries about the Prime Directive, but O’Donnell convinces him that if they can communicate with the waveforms and teach them how to save the planet for themselves, it’s not a violation. The two ships explore, and discover metal from a ship older than the entire Federation. The markings say “the Worlds of the First Quadrant”. Who are they...?

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