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Chapter Notes:

An unpopular law passes by a single vote - cast by Ushi Irons...

Star Trek Hunter

Episode 22: Sacrifice

Scene 12: One Single Vote


One Single Vote

Ushi Irons had called in every favor, leveraged every secret, twisted every arm... Not in person as he had spent a day on Cun Ling, then another day in transit back to Earth. But he had many, many children who had long done his vote wrangling for him. With 31 children, all devoted to politics, Ushi had long ago divided the task of vote wrangling among his children and a few of his older grandchildren. Each had between ten and fifteen of the 360 Federation Council members and knew everything about them, how to convince them to vote in their own self-interest and at this moment, the moment of greatest need, the dirty personal secrets that would compel them to vote against everything they believed in.

The resolution to cede the Al Donovos and Al Jenova star systems to the Romulan Star Empire and to assist in transplanting Saketh from deep inside the empire into those star systems, using Star Fleet's most advanced ship, passed by a single vote. When deeply unpopular resolutions were passed this way, it was almost inevitable that councilmembers casting the deciding vote would lose their seat on the Federation Council. Ushi Irons cast the deciding vote.

- * -

"They have done it again. And I tried, I fought hard to stop it. But I could not prevent it. As a Federation Councilmember, I have only one vote in 360. And by a single vote – one single vote – Federation space has been handed over to the romulans... again. The Al Donovos and Al Jenova star systems, located on the Federation side of the Neutral Zone, are to be ceded to the Romulan Star Empire. You must be asking yourselves why. 

"If you have not yet learned of it, you will soon learn of something called the Dead Zone on the far side of the Romulan Star Empire from here. The information I am about to impart to you has only just been declassified by the Federation Council Security Committee and Federation President Maria Rodriguez. This is very complicated, so I must ask you to listen closely and return to this segment of this program and listen to it again.

"The Dead Zone is an area in the Beta Quadrant that has been sterilized by massive bursts of gamma radiation. This deadly gamma radiation comes from a black hole in the heart of another galaxy. These bursts of radiation have been traveling toward the Milky Way for nearly two billion years.

"We have recently learned that the Dead Zone is moving and over the next 300 years will engulf much of the Romulan Star Empire, exterminating all life in its path. In the face of this disaster, the Federation Council has offered the Al Donovos and Al Jenova star systems as a refuge for the Romulan Star Empire.

"Following the destruction of Romulus, the most productive planet in the Romulan Star Empire is a planet called Saketh. In less than 300 years, this world will be completely sterilized.

"While the Al Donovos and Al Jenova star systems have no habitable worlds, Al D 3, Al D 4 and Al J 4 are all good candidates for transplantation of the Saketh biosphere. Star Fleet has designed and built a ship, the U.S.S. Ark, for this specific purpose.”

"I will admit, there is a certain amount of nobility to this effort, to save an enemy from a natural disaster that is beyond their ability to adapt to. But this noble act puts the Federation at extreme strategic risk – dare I say existential risk. Until this risk is adequately managed, the Federation must protect itself not only from the threat of open romulan aggression, but more dangerously, from covert attempts by the romulans to divide the Federation, removing one homeworld from our coalition after another – first to seek independence. But more critically to invite romulan operatives in to ‘restore order’.

"With the offer now in place and on its way to the Supreme Commander of the Romulan Star Empire, we must harden our internal procedures to make our worlds safe from this kind of encroachment. We must protect Federation homeworlds – Federation soil.”

"With that end in mind, I have laid out a series of reforms, based on the Federation Charter. And to ensure that these reforms are correctly administered and that they are only temporary, I am announcing my candidacy for President of the United Federation of Planets at the end of President Maria Rodriguez's term.

"As you well know, the Federation President is elected by your representatives on the Federation Council. But you can have a tremendous impact on their vote. I am asking you to contact your representative on the council and advocate for the reforms that I propose and, if you feel that I am the man to see these reforms through, to advocate for me in my bid to succeed President Rodriguez. 

"I am Federation Councilmember Emory Ivonovic from the Colony of New Hope and I want to bring a new hope to the Federation. Our future is threatened by events that seem outside our control. But we are stronger than we realize. As desperate as this challenge is, we have the ability to rise to meet it. And in rising to meet this challenge, we will not only give ourselves hope for a future, but for a better future. In rising to meet this new challenge, we will build a better world. Better worlds. For all our peoples.

"This is Subspace Radio Ivonovic, your voice, the voice of all nature's children and the new hope for all patriotic citizens of the Federation and for our honorable allies. You will see my face again. You will hear my voice again. In these troubled times I will not leave you.”


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