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Chapter Notes:

Sela, the Supreme Commander of the Romulan Star Navy, has an invitation for Justice Minerva Irons...

Star Trek Hunter

Episode 21: The Enemy of My Enemy

Scene: 15: You Are Cordially Invited


You Are Cordially Invited

The invitation had been transmitted on the same subspace frequency as Mlady’s locator beacon – a frequency almost exclusively used by the tholians. It had arrived just as the tactical unit was docking with the U.S.S. Hunter. While the rest of the crew were busy with leaving romulan space as quickly as they could and dealing with the details of the deaths of Commander David Pepper and Lt. Commander Tauk, as well as the return of Commander Kenny Dolphin and Lt. Commander Mlady, Justice Minerva Irons was in her office, receiving a message recorded just for her. The viewscreen displayed Sela’s face against a starry background.

“I know you are monitoring this frequency, your honor. And you should know by now that I allowed your escape. Run back to the Federation. Run to your retirement home. But you cannot run away from the crimes you committed in the sovereign space of the Romulan Star Empire – a sovereign space-faring empire of a people who had faster-than-light travel when the klingons were just beginning their first space programs and when the fastest you humans could travel involved riding a beast.

“Before there were more than a few hundred million humans, billions of romulans peacefully roamed these stars and tamed these worlds. After the destruction of our homeworld, we carried all that was left of that world in our ships. You have stood on the soil of Romulus. And your people defiled it. You spread that precious soil all over the floors of my ship. You left that precious soil on the farming implements that you left in my office – this very office! You even tormented one of our native farm animals, exposing him to war that you brought to my ship.

“Yes, I know you brought the borg to my ship. And your allies, the borg, killed thousands of my people on this very ship. They even set their feet in the precious soil of Romulus. And after you brought your allies into romulan space to make war on my ship, you betrayed your allies – destroying one of their ships and killing millions of them. I do not regret their demise – but you should. You are directly responsible for their deaths. You lured them to their deaths.

“As you are responsible for the deaths of thousands of romulans on the I.R.W. Fero and our orbital research station and ground research stations on the planet Gamorlan. You destroyed a living planet deep in the heart of romulan territory.

“As the leader of the romulan people, I must bring our enemies to account for their crimes. So I must know, Justice Minerva Irons, were you acting on behalf of the United Federation of Planets? Or were you acting alone? Is the United Federation of Planets the enemy of the romulan people? Or is it just you? I will be bringing my case to the Federation Council for your immediate extradition. Unless you submit yourself freely to be judged for your crimes. By me.

“I give you this one chance. If you are to account for your conduct in romulan space, for the murder of thousands of romulans and millions of borg, for the damage you caused to the Fero and the Bestia, for the destruction of Gamorlan and, most egregiously, for the desecration of the sacred soil of Romulus, you are cordially invited to surrender yourself to me before the Senate of New Romulus on Vulcan. Under Romulan tradition, I hold your crew blameless. They were following your orders. I understand Federation law may differ on that point. So I leave your crew to be judged under your laws. Your death ship may bring you to Vulcan and deposit you there, but it must then immediately depart for Federation space. It may not remain for your trial.

“I do not know if you are familiar with the laws of the Romulan Star Empire. But it may set your mind at ease that we outlawed execution as a form of punishment before we even became a space-faring people. Under romulan law, criminals are punished by being stripped and striped. That is all the punishment they ever receive. A few days of pain, which may not, by our laws, be in any way life threatening. But criminals are then subject to correction, which consists of determining a new life path for them. For war criminals, that life path usually involves gardening.

“I do not want you to be afraid, Minerva Irons. Your life is not in danger. But you should be very, very deeply ashamed. Humans seem to think they have souls. We do not believe in such things. But if you do, in fact have a soul, your soul is very much in danger.

“I will look for you in the courtyard of the Imperial Administration Building on New Romulus on Vulcan in eleven of your standard days.”


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