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Chapter Notes:

The U.S.S. Hunter and the I.R.W. Bestia both have a problem - and the solution is the second cube...

Star Trek Hunter

Episode 21: The Enemy of My Enemy

Scene 9: The Second Cube 


The Second Cube

“We have power!” 2nd Lt. Ethan Phillips exclaimed.

“Tali – do we have all hands on board?” asked Irons.

Dr. Tali Shae’s voice came to the bridge across the comm system: “We’re missing Lynarr, Grace and Butt.. wait – they just came up out of the nacelle – we have everyone. Go!”

“Ethan – get us out of here!” Irons ordered.

Phillips was already taking off from the hangar bay. The doors were starting to close again as the U.S.S. Hunter slipped through.

“Your honor,” said 2nd Lt. Tolon Reeves. “On the wall…”

Irons turned to see a section of the wall near her office door now had Chinese script engraved on it. 

“Reeves, there are two borg cubes out there. I want you to get me a solution on the second cube,” said Irons. “All hands, brace for QuickQuiet – Boles, Gamor and Alstars to the bridge. Ethan – we need to be out of range of the romulan tractor beam. A quick burst on full impulse, then use the thrusters to give us a little tumble.”

The sudden jolt from the impulse engine felt different from the feeling of warp drive in the deckplates. It only lasted a few moments. A quick hit from the port thrusters and the Hunter veered off to port just as the ship went dark from the QuickQuiet order.

Because the lights had been off throughout the ship for several days and had only been on for a few minutes before being shut off again, the luminescent wall panels had almost no energy to reflect back into the hallways. The interior of the ship quickly became pitch black with the exception of a few monitors. 

“We had to take to the Jeffries Tubes,” said Lt. Gaia Gamor, walking onto the bridge.

“Bloody uncomfortable, cramped things, no bloody light,” added Ensign Geoffrey Horatio Alstars as he followed her in.

“Language, Geoff…” said Boles, bringing up the rear.

“You’re not the one with the jolly lumps about the forehead,” Alstars groused.

“Gaia, take navigation,” said Justice Irons. “Mr. Alstars, join Lieutenant Tolon at tactical. It appears our resident borg left a message. There are two borg cubes out there. Neither is in good shape at the moment. The one that is more complete is keeping the romulans away from the second cube. Command and control is coming from the second cube. The last thing we need at this moment is an active borg invasion in romulan space. So how do we take out the second cube?”

“With the Hunter?” asked Lt. Tolon. “Even if that ship is as badly damaged as it appears to be, we don’t have enough in the way of weapons to even tickle it.”

“Can you display passive sensor readings?” asked Lieutenant Boles. “I’d like to see how big those holes are. Do any of them go straight through?”

Justice Irons spoke up. “Do you really think they would let us do to them what we did to Gamorlan?”

“If we set the trajectory and then go completely dark.. Just a tiny piece of debris drifting through…” said Boles. 

“I’ve got something that might work,” said Lt. Tolon. “We’ll have to take a 20 degree turn about three-quarters of the way through.”

“Send the coordinates and configuration to Gaia,” said Boles. “Alstars, get with Gaia and work out a passive solution. See if you can get us headed straight through that opening. When we come to the turn, we’ll reorient with impulse and at the same time go to warp 4.2 – that should create enough of a warp shell to rip them open but not so big that we can’t break out. Geoff – I need you to verify my math on the warp factor.”

“I’ve already done the math,” Ensign Alstars responded. “You had a good rough guess, but I think we can risk 4.218.”

“Your honor?” asked Boles. 

Justice Minerva Irons stood up and gestured to the captain’s chair she had just vacated. “It’s your mission, Mr. Boles. Take command…”

- * - 

Hundeeth spotted something flashing on his console. He hit a control, then turned to Sela: “Supreme Commander, the main hangar bay door is opening!”

“We don’t have time for this Hundeeth – get it closed!”

“I have sent the override command, but the U.S.S. Hunter is already exiting.” 

“Good,” said Supreme Commander Sela. “I will want a complete analysis of how they escaped, complete telemetry from the hangar bay. We’ll have time to review that later. Now, I need you to get me a firing solution on that second cube!” Sela ordered. 

“What is so important about the second cube?” Centurion Cireeka asked quietly of an officer next to her.

“They’re not shooting at us.”

“Exactly,” said Commander Hundeeth. “They’re hiding behind the first cube. That suggests command and control. These borg are in really bad shape – both ships...” 

While Hundeeth and Cireeka were involved in targetting the borg ships, Sela turned her attention to the admiral of the first fleet. "How are we handling the borg landing parties?”

“Better than three for one,” Admiral Ekot replied. “The sword and shield training has paid off.” 

“Not well enough if we’re losing one for every three of them we kill,” said Sela. “We need to improve both training and…”

At that moment an enormous explosion could be seen behind the borg cube that the Bestia was engaged with.

Commander Hundeeth checked his readings. “Borg landing parties are exiting. They’re taking everything they brought.”

“How did we get the second cube?” asked Sela.

“We didn’t,” said Hundeeth. “The Hunter did. The first cube is withdrawing.”

“No they don’t! They do not leave our space! Take them apart!” Sela ordered. “Follow and destroy. Leave some probes and a landing unit here to find out how Star Fleet destroyed that 2nd cube…”                  


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