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Chapter Notes:

The U.S.S. Hunter leaves the hangar

Star Trek Hunter

Episode 21: The Enemy of My Enemy

Scene 6: Escape 



The U.S.S. Hunter was freed from its straps, but it still had no power. The crew inside were feeling their way through a completely darkened vessel. The first thing Justice Minerva Irons did on entering the crawlway in the nacelle housing was find a cabinet where several dozen flashlights were stored – but none of these had any power either. She distributed them anyway.

Flight Engineer Tomos took the lead. He had spent more time working in the nacelle than pretty much anyone else and knew the number of steps to the stairway that led the way up into the engineering decks. Once the crew were in engineering, most of them were gathered into the engineering conference room and, although they could not see, sorted by department to be counted. Justice Irons led 2nd Lt. Tolon Reeves and 2nd Lt. Ethan Phillips up the ladders and though the Jeffries Tubes up to the bridge. Once on the bridge, they were able to see through the viewer – which was only a window now. 

In the mining launch inside the Bestia’s main hangar, Ensign Chelna Zusa was at the control panel for the cutting beams, retargeting after having cut through the straps that had held the U.S.S. Hunter, just a few meters away, strapped firmly to the floor of the hangar. 

Buttans Ngumbo pointed to a large array above the Hunter. “So, do you think that’s the dampening generator?”

“One way to find out,” said 2nd Lt. Sun Ho Hui.

“Targeting the emitter,” said Ensign Zusa.

She positioned the cutting beam and fired it directly at the array. 

Nothing happened.

“What?” asked Zusa.

“There’s your answer,” said Lt. Sun. “Try targeting the housing above it.”

“Aye, sir,” Zusa responded and retargeted the cutting beam. The beam connected solidly with the housing above the emitter array. Within a few minutes, the Hunter suddenly came alive, its navigation screens creating a positive space between the deck of the hangar and the nacelle.

Buttans leaned out of the door and shouted at Special Agent Lynarr: “Anana, I’m coming to you. Can you send Lieutenant Sun and Ensign Zusa to the Hunter?” Buttans swung off the door of the mining launch and slid down the ladder to the deck. As he exited the unit, the alert klaxon started blaring as the main hangar bay doors started to open. A force field kept the atmosphere from venting. Behind him, he could hear the familiar whine of the transporter beam inside the mining launch. Buttans hit the deck running. He stopped to scoop up a disruptor pistol from a dead romulan – and fired it at a living romulan who was coming up behind Anana.

“Do you have everyone?” Buttans yelled.

Lynarr looked around her quickly - then, “Yes.”

“Go – all of you – I’ll cover you.” said Buttans.

When Buttans reached the back of the nacelle, the door into the back of the nacelle was about 5 feet off the deck of the hangar bay. Rume Grace was pushing Anana’s legs, helping her scramble into the doorway, then leapt up after her. At this point the nacelle was nearly 8 feet off the deck. Grace laid down on the floor inside the nacelle, gripping a bar with one hand – reaching out with the other. 

Buttans leapt up and grasped Rume’s hand and scrambled over her up into the nacelle. Once he scrambled inside, he assisted Rume Grace to her feet, then closed the door behind him. “Run! We have to be out of here before they fire up the warp engine!”


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