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Chapter Notes:

The giant moose/bear-like romulan anaixes squares off against the borg...

Star Trek Hunter

Episode 21: The Enemy of My Enemy

Scene 4: Buddy and the Borg


Buddy and the Borg

Several of the corridors within the I.R.W. Bestia were enormous to allow large pieces of equipment to be moved through. In one of these, a few hundred romulans were putting up a tremendous fight against a horde of borg drones. The romulans were far more effective against borg than any other humanoid the drones had fought largely due to training, but also because of their superior physical strength. 

The romulans were fighting hand-to-hand using short swords – which were effective when used to attack the borg drones’ heads. The borg were using classic borg tactics, injecting romulans with nanites in an attempt to convert them into borg. Infected romulans used their own disruptors - shooting themselves in the heads with horrifying results to avoid being turned. 

As effective as the romulans were, they were being overwhelmed by the number of borg. Until a massive beast with a blue rider was beamed into the corridor. A number of the U.S.S. Hunter’s crew were also beamed in, carrying various farm implements. A number of borg turned to face this odd group of interlopers. 

“Okay Buddy, you’ve been itching for a fight,” said Lt. Napoleon Boles from atop the anaixes, “Let’s see what you can do…”

Suddenly, nearly all of the borg in the corridor abandoned fighting the romulans and lined up, requiring almost 30 of them to fill the corridor from one side to the other. They created a formation a dozen ranks deep.

Napoleon looked at this borg army as they started to move toward the small contingent from the Hunter. “Oh, oh no Buddy…. I don’t like the look of this. I think the collective wants to collect you…” 

Buddy (the rather moose/bear-like anaixes) pawed the floor, only slightly disconcerted that there was no dirt for him to stir up.

“No, no no no no no no,” Napoleon exclaimed, tugging on the reins and forcing the beast to turn away. “No time to fight today….” He looked down at less than a dozen of the Hunter’s crew – seven of them in addition to himself, pathetically armed with iron farming implements. “No fighting! Run away!!! Run Away!! Run Away Run Away Run AWAY!!! RUN AWAY!!!!” Napoleon ordered from atop his mount, then spurred Buddy.

Napoleon’s terror was infectious and the Hunter’s crew dropped their pre-industrial farming implements, turned and started running down the massive corridor, led by their fearful leader on his even more frightened steed. Buddy started bellowing in fear. 

Behind these few members of the U.S.S. Hunter’s crew marched an army of borg drones in lockstep, tight formation. The rear line of these had to turn back to fight off a rear assault from the reorganized romulans, setting up a pitched battle as the majority of the borg marched on – not running, but managing to move very quickly as the Hunter’s crew sprinted out ahead of them. 

Within about 200 yards, first Napoleon on his mount, then the seven crew members following him, came to a five-way intersection. Napoleon and Buddy – way out in front – turned down one of these corridors only to turn back toward the Hunter’s crew. 

“Not that way!” Napoleon yelled as a line of borg advanced from that corridor. The other three corridors were filled with romulans – swords drawn – also approaching in mass formation. 

“Why aren’t they shooting?” asked the terrified Flight Engineer Kerry Gibbon.

Dr. Jazz Sam Sinder answered, “The borg have adapted their energy shields to the romulan disruptors. Their disruptors are useless now. It’s hand-to-hand…”

“And we’re in the middle of it,” Navigator Johanna Imex observed. “They’re all headed toward us!”

Buddy whimpered pathetically.

“I do not want to be here anymore!” bawled Napoleon. “Somebody – anybody – Nine to beam out! Now please!!!”

With a familiar whine and sparkling of lights like a gigantic 1970’s discotheque, the pentagonal five-way corridor hub vanished along with the grim advancing ranks of romulans and borg, to be replaced with an equally chaotic hangar. Romulans and borg were battling in two different areas, both somewhat distant from the main transporter control in the center of the hangar. 

“The emergency door on the back of the nacelle is open,” said Chief Rumi Grace, gesturing toward the U.S.S. Hunter, parked a few dozen meters away. “Hurry!”

Napoleon leapt down from Buddy’s back and quickly unbuckled the saddle. Buddy made the removal of the saddle far more difficult by laying down on his belly, putting his giant, ferociously clawed paws over his eyes and whimpering in terror.

“Come… On… Buddy…” Napoleon grunted as he tugged the saddle loose from the enormous beast. Once the saddle was free, he walked up to stroke the anaixes’ head and turned toward Midshipman Tammy Brazil. “Can you send him back? This is too much for him. He needs to go home…”

“I have no idea how to do that,” Brazil complained.

“I can do it,” said Special Agent Anana Lynarr. “You focus on bringing T’Lon’s group in – they’re next.

Buddy started to howl, then vanished in a haze of lights.

“I really hope the borg don’t find his environment,” said Napoleon. “How is it that you’ve been able to work here uninterrupted?”

Rumi Grace gestured toward ongoing battles in two areas of the hangar. “The romulans are busy.”

At that moment, a powerful, concentrated beam laced out of one of the other ships in the cargo bay and began cutting the straps that secured the U.S.S. Hunter firmly to the deck. The contact point between the beam and the hardened carbon straps was brighter than a star. 

“Okay,” said Tammy Brazil, “Now I can’t see!” 

Rumi Grace stepped up behind her, looking over her shoulder, her hands on Tammy’s shoulders.

“Keep your eyes closed,” said Rumi.

“Okay - this is really weird,” said Brazil. She had to keep repositioning her hands as she worked the controls. “I can see the back of my own head, and my hands are really small and in the wrong place.”

“You’re seeing through my eyes,” Rumi said. “Just focus on which controls you want to operate and your hands will go there…”


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