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Chapter Notes:

The borg have engaged Supreme Commander Sela's flagship - the I.R.W. Bestia...

Star Trek Hunter

Episode 21: The Enemy of My Enemy

Scene 1: Battlegod



The Romulan Star Navy had invested in the enormous warbirds, and then the far, far larger battlegods for a reason that had nothing to do with klingons or the federation, or the cardassians or the Dominion. Nothing any of those cultures had ever produced was so much of a threat that would spur such an enormous investment. The four battlegods were created to counter one specific threat – a borg cube. The battlegod was about half the size of a borg cube and was loaded with armaments unlike anything else in the alpha or beta quadrants. But the critical advantage and reason for the enormous size was the power source. Romulan warbirds were powered by artificially created microsingularities. It took over a hundred of these to be combined into the singularity that was housed in the Bestia – plenty to power the enormous disruptor cannon needed to cut through a borg cube. 

The I.R.W. Bestia was being trailed not by one borg cube, but by two. But something had happened to the borg after the collapse of their transwarp hub by Admiral Janeway. One of the borg cubes appeared generally, but not entirely complete. The other had suffered obvious damage and did not appear to be self-repairing – what repairs there were had a homemade, unprofessional look. Enormous holes in the structure were at best roughly papered over with sheet metal of some sort. Other holes in the structure simply gaped, allowing stars on the other side of the mammoth vessel to be seen through them.

“Get me a firing solution on the second ship,” said Sela.

“That will require us to reposition,” Commander Hundeeth replied. “Either that or manage to pass a disruptor beam through the first ship.”

“Which is why I want to hit the second ship first and I want to do it without letting the borg know that is our plan. I don’t care if we only get a corner of the second ship, get a firing solution on it. I want our torpedoes programmed to skim around the first ship and hit the second one.”

“The second ship?” asked Admiral Ekot. 

“Do it now!!” Sela ordered.

“We have a solution…” Hundeeth started.

“Shoot them! I want a full volley of torpedoes – front tubes as well as aft.”

“All front and aft tubes engaging. Main aft disruptor cannons engaged,” Hundeeth replied.

“That second ship is the threat, Ekot,” Sela said. “For some reason the first ship is fighting and repositioning to protect the other. And if we can cripple it, we only have to face one.”

The bridge of the Bestia shook violently as the first borg ship engaged with an enormous phaser cannon.


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