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Chapter Notes:

While Justice Minerva Irons and her crew learn about the farm that is their prison, the Romulans try to gain entry to the captive U.S.S. Hunter...

Star Trek Hunter

Episode 20: Survival

Scene 10: Taking Stock


Taking Stock

Moments after Sela had left, the crew of the U.S.S. Hunter was still assembled. Justice Minerva Irons was taking stock of the situation. 

“We are prisoners and the first obligation of a prisoner is to escape. That understood, we cannot make light of Sela’s warning. We must treat this place with reverence and leave it better than we found it. To that end, we will live the lifestyle of pre-industrial romulan farmers.” Irons raised her hand. “How many of us can read romulan script and understand the written romulan language?” She was pleasantly surprised that in addition to the majority of her officers, the entire flight operations department and most of the engineers raised their hands. 

“You as well, K’rok?” Irons asked, surprised that her half-klingon transporter engineer had raised his hand. 

“Romulan poetry is underrated,” K’rok replied. “Pep got me interested in it.”

Irons smiled. “For the rest of you, I will be your teacher. The least we can do in return for our treatment here is acquire an appreciation for romulan history and culture. Such understanding is very likely to be of increasing value to the federation.” She raised her hand again. “How many of us have farming or animal husbandry experience?”

In response to this question, there were a surprisingly large number – in addition to herself there were Lt. Boles, Lt. Gamor, Ensign Alstars, Ensign Chelna Zusa (the new rigellian pilot coordinator), Ensign Eykirros Jones (the new half-kitarran investigations coordinator), Investigator Buttans Ngumbo, Flight Engineer Tomos and Tactical Specialist Veri Geki. 

“Unfortunately, my farming experience is limited to deep sea fishing, pineapple trees and making pineapple cider, none of which is likely to be of great use here," said Irons. "Dr. Boles, please pull together the other crew members with farming or ranching experience, assess their knowledge, then tour the facility with them and evaluate what needs to be done. Dr. Moon, get your department on evaluating the structures and the water systems and draw up maintenance and repair plans. Lt. T’Lon, evaluate available life support resources. Find out if there is clothing here for us. If so, please determine if it is suitable for working. If it is, I want our people to use that clothing when performing farming chores – in uniform at other times.”

Justice Irons turned her attention to Tolon Reeves. “Lieutenants Tolon and Phillips. Take the rest of the tactical squad, the pilots and navigators. Find anything around here that can be used for weapons. I want three teams with a tactical squad member and a navigator on each team. This place has boundaries. Find them and report back.”

Irons noticed the odd expression on Chief Flight Specialist Thyssi zh’Qaoleq’s face. “What is it, Chief zh’Qaoleq?”

Thyssi stepped forward. Dr. Tali Shae had the same strange expression. Irons looked at the two andorian women. “Well… out with it…”

Thyssi and Tali looked at each other. “Your honor,” Thyssi said, “I’m not sure anyone else noticed, but while you were speaking, we went to warp.”

“What??” Irons asked with some surprise.

“She’s right, Minerva,” Dr. Tali Shae responded. “We’re on a ship. A really big one…”


Chapter End Notes:

Character:                       Ensign Chelna Zusa (Zuza)
Human Ethnicity:             N/a
Additional Species:          Rigellian
Hometown/Homeworld:  Zig Farm, Rigel IV
Introduced: Episode         20.10
Age when introduced:      22
Role:                                Flight Team Leader, U.S.S. Hunter

Character:                       Ensign Eykirros Jones (Ike Jones)
Human Ethnicity:             African American
Additional Species:          Kitarran
Hometown/Homeworld:  Traders Pointe, Rising Sun
Introduced: Episode         20.10
Age when introduced:      19
Role:                                Investigations Coordinator, U.S.S. Hunter

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