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Chapter Notes:

Lynhart Shran has a run-in with Johnny Canada in Numinor...

Star Trek Hunter
Episode 13: The 15,000 Cities of Cun Ling

Scene 8: The Blue Wraith


The Blue Wraith

Investigator Lynhart Shran walked around outside, following the outside wall of the room of the Homely House in which the Hunter’s crew were still enjoying the aftermath of dinner with Dr. Sif. 

Footprints under the window sill. Shran drew his phaser, walked slowly toward the edge of the building, following the footprints. 

“Hello again, old man,” came a familiar voice from behind him. “I know what your coat does, which is why I am aiming at your head. I’ll have that phaser now.”

Shran froze, but did not offer his phaser. “Johnny Canada,” he said in his gravelly voice. “And just why are you following me?”

“Just doing my job, Eliminator. Or is it Investigator now? Please don’t make me ask again for your weapon.”

“That’s a very nice phase pistol,” came Tactical Specialist Belo Cantys’ voice from behind Canada. “Andorian manufacture? An antique. Please deactivate it. And the other one as well…”

“I wouldn’t screw with that little girl, Canada,” Shran said, holstering his phaser and turning around slowly. “I’ll have those phase pistols again, please.”

Canada smiled ruefully and held each pistol in his open hands. Shran took them and dropped them into the pockets of his overcoat.

“I’m going to have to get out of the habit of underestimating you,” Canada said.

“State your business, Canada. You deliberately let me see you through the window. You wanted me out here…”

“Actually, I need to speak to your captain. If you would be so kind as to make the introduction,” Canada said.

“In your capacity as a Blue Wraith?” Shran asked.

Canada spread his hands out, looked down, smiled broadly, looked up again. “I’m not surprised you figured that out. I was kind of counting on it. About my pistols…”

“After your conversation with the judge,” said Shran. He gestured toward the front of the building. 

Canada walked in front as they rounded the corner to the veranda. Justice Minerva Irons and Commander David Pepper were seated in chairs near the front door, talking quietly.

“Look who willingly walked into my arms,” Shran said.

Pep and Irons both stood up.

“He’s a Blue Wraith,” Shran continued.

“Supervisory Field Agent Johnny Canada, Trantor Police, Intelligence Division,” Canada said.

“Show me,” said Irons. 

Canada rolled his eyes up, opened them wide, exposing the whites underneath the iris and pupil. The tiny tattoos would only be noticeable to someone who knew what they were looking for.

“Tell me,” Irons continued.

“Five of your crew members have been kidnapped in Trantor,” Canada said. “Ensign Tolon Reeves, Flight Specialist Joey Chin, and Tactical Specialists, Jarrong, Belo Rys and Belo Garr. I asked for this assignment because I have had previous dealings with your associate here.” Canada gestured with his head toward Lynhart Shran.

“Lenny, you can give the man back his weapons,” said Pep. “Johnny, our director of ground operations just informed us that Reeves and his party disappeared from our sensors. It looks like they were beamed out.”

Shran removed the phase pistols from his pockets, gave them back to Canada, who holstered them. 

“You do realize that my partner had us covered the entire time..” Canada said.

“The blue girl?” Shran asked.

Canada turned to look at Shran, then turned suddenly and looked to his left, where Shran’s antennae were focused.

A young bolian woman was walking toward the group, her hands raised. Investigator Buttons Ngumbo was behind her.

“What was that you said earlier about underestimating us?” Shran said.

Canada called on another of his vast repertoire of disarming grins. Put his hands in his pockets. “I seem to recall making some such remark..”

“Enough spy versus spy,” Minerva Irons said with some exasperation. “We have people in trouble. What do you know?”

“Not very much, yet, your honor. We are asking you to keep your crew here in Numinor or return to your vessel for your own protection. I strongly suspect that the crewmembers taken were not the target – you are,” said Canada.

“Those dead andorians yesterday,” said Shran. “Andoria First?”

Canada nodded. “And a Star Fleet Intelligence operative – the romulan.”

“Damn,” cursed Irons quietly. “He was one of our most valuable agents. What is the outlook for our people?”

“I don’t think they are in Trantor anymore,” Canada said. “But I will have to return there to pick up the trail. If it is Andoria First, your people are not in for a pleasant time, but I don’t think they will be killed - at least not for a day or two. Old andorian saying – live bait catches more folyprogs than dead bait. For now, I am taking lead on this investigation. Agent Anana Lynarr here will be your liaison until we have this resolved. I have been instructed to advise you not to run your own investigation…”

“You don’t want to get between us and our people,” Shran said.

“I have no intention of trying to stop you,” Canada rejoined. “As I said, I was instructed to advise you, Investigator. I learned the hard way that you are very much capable of taking care of yourself. But if you start filling my streets with bodies, we’re going to have a problem with that...”


Chapter End Notes:

Character:                        Special Agent Anana Lynarr
Human Ethnicity:             N/A
Additional Species:          Bolian
Hometown/Homeworld:  Trantor, Cun Ling
Introduced: Episode        13.8
Age when introduced:      21
Role:                                Trantor Police, Intelligence Division

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