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Chapter Notes:

Introduction to Episode 13: The 15,000 Cities of Cun Ling by Kai Kila Xijiana, Spiritual Leader of Bajor

Star Trek Hunter
Episode 13: The 15,000 Cities of Cun Ling

Episode 13 – The 15,000 Cities of Cun Ling

“Bajorans reached to the stars to find their gods. 

      Andorians reached to the stars at the behest of their gods. 

          Klingons reached to the stars to murder their gods.

                Cardassians reached to the stars because they thought they were gods. 

                        Romulans reached to the stars and lost their gods.

                                Vulcans reached to the stars to prove there are no gods. 

                                      Humans reached to the stars and became gods.” 

Kai Kila Xijiana - Introduction to
Legends of the Sisko, 4th edition.

Crew of the U.S.S. Hunter: (Ship's Interactive Holographic Avatar - Hunter) 

Each Crewmember’s Hometown bracketed in {Italics}

At-Large Appellate Justice, Captain Minerva Irons            {Ba Sing Sa, Cun Ling}

Chief Executive Officer - Commander David Pepper        {Laikan, Andoria}

Chief Operations Officer - Lt. Commander Mlady              {Undisclosed}

Medical Director - Commander Tali Shae                        {Laikan, Andoria}

        Asst. Medical Director - Lt. Jazz Sam Sinder          {Ilvia, Bajor}

        Epidemiologist - Lt. Napoleon Boles                      {Cloddy, Bolarus IV}

                Ensign Chrissiana Trei                                    {Horizon, Trillius Prime}

                    Forensic Specialist - Midshipman Sif          {Numinor, Cun Ling}

                        Emergency Medical Hologram - Dr. Raj

                        Tactical Medical Hologram - Dr. Kim

Director of Flight Operations - Lt. Cmdr. Kenneth Dolphin  {Providence, Rhode Island, Earth}

        Asst. Flight Dir. - 2nd Lt. Gaia Gamor                        {Ingende, Congo, Earth}

                        Navigator Johanna Imex                            {Mbuye, Rwanda, Earth}

                        Navigator Eli Strahl                                  {Eden, Cun Ling}

                Ensign Ethan Phillips                                      {Rus, Vulcan}

                        Chief Flight Specialist Dewayne Guth      {Wakanda, Cun Ling}

                        Flight Specialist Dih Terri                        {Trantor, Cun Ling}

                        Flight Specialist Joey Chin                      {Ba Sing Sa, Cun Ling}

                        Flight Specialist Winnifreid Salazaar        {New York City, New York, Earth}

Director of Ground Operations - Lt. Tauk                      {Dos, Ferenginar}

        Asst. Ground Ops Dir. - 2nd Lt. T’Lon                  {Kauai Island, Hawaii, Earth}

                        Investigator Lynhart Shran                    {New York City, New York, Earth}

                        Investigator Buttans Ngumbo              {Hathon, Bajor}

                Ensign Tolon Reeves                                  {Bangalor, India, Earth}

                        Tactical Specialist Jarrong                  {CIO 19 (Cardassian Imperial Outpost 19)}

                        Tactical Specialist Belo Rys                {CIO 19}

                        Tactical Specialist Belo Garr                {CIO 19}

                        Tactical Specialist Belo Cantys            {CIO 19}

Director of Engineering - Lt. Sarekson Carrera              {Pichilemu, Chile, Earth}

        Asst. Engineering Dir. - 2nd Lt. Moon Sun Salek  {New Eden, Mars}

                  Midshipman Tammy Brazil                          {Trantor, Cun Ling}

                        Transporter Engineer K'rok                  {Trantor, Cun Ling}

                Ensign Sun Ho Hui                                      {Hanoi, Vietnam, Earth}

                        Flight Engineer Yolanda Thomas        {Chickasha, Oklahoma, Earth}

                        Flight Engineer Thomas Hobbs          {Trantor, Cun Ling}

                        Flight Engineer Tomos                        {Sanctuary of the Waterbirds, Cophus II}

                        Flight Engineer Kerry Gibbon              {Bangalore, India, Earth}

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