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Chapter Notes:

The new Emperor of Andoria addresses his people....

Star Trek Hunter
Episode 12: Prisoner in the Ice Castle

Scene 17: Messages of Sin


Messages of Sin

The blind andorian appeared on viewscreens throughout the Andorian Imperial Guard fleet and all watch stations. The fact that the military had agreed to broadcast him and make his broadcast required watching meant that all of the royal houses were watching as well. As were all of the Star Fleet crews in orbit.

“I am Sin Shav, true heir to House Shav.

“To Ishav Shav, I say this: Your line and your claim to House Shav is illegitimate. In 871, Ishta Shav murdered her father and her older brother to claim House Shav for herself and her descendants. But her brother had a child - Siev. I am the descendant of and heir to Siev Shav and I now claim what is rightfully mine.

“Furthermore, by making allegiance with those who deny the Empire’s rightful place of leadership within the Federation - those who use the title Andoria First, but care only for themselves first - you have continued the dishonor that Ishta Shav brought to my house. My house, that has not led the empire in nearly 400 years. And you and your illegitimate line and their allegiance to Andoria First are the reason why. 

“House Shav will no longer follow you. Freely and openly renounce your claim and I will protect you and your family as members of my house in good standing. Refuse and you will be hunted to the ends of the galaxy. There will be no place you can hide from me.

“To Baronnetta th’Ravonet, I say this: Your father, Sin th’Ravonet, has been found. He was murdered and his body interred in a facility for th’Ravonet honored dead. Because your father died under suspicious circumstances, I encourage you to withdraw your House’s claim to lead the empire and your own claim to lead your house until his murder is solved. 

“To Zorah zh’Ithirith, I request your support as heir to House zh’Ithirith, to my claim to House Shav and to lead the empire. The majority of House Shav forces support my claim. The Andorian Imperial Guard supports my claim. The time for House Shav to lead the empire and to give our strength to the Federation has come again. Your mother brought great honor to your House as a wise Empress. While your claim is legitimate, my claim is strengthened by a broader base of alliances and seasoned by wisdom that Andoria needs in these times. 

“You can see that I am Aenar. I am blind, yet I see. I see into your hearts. It is time for an Emperor who cannot be lied to. And it is time for an Imperial Chancellor from House zh’Ithirith. And an Imperial Minister from House th’Ravonet. I offer a unified imperial government for the first time in more than 600 years.

“To those who cleve to Andoria First and similar separatist movements, I say this: You are outlaw and you will be hunted to the ends of the galaxy and treated with no remorse. Surrender now to the Imperial Guard, renounce your allegiance to outlaw organizations and swear your loyalty to me and to Andoria and your record will be reviewed. If you are guilty of no worse than affiliation with a separatist movement, I offer you this one chance to put your rebellion behind you, clear your name and take your place as a loyal citizen of the empire. Do not mistake my largesse for lenience. I will not tolerate disloyalty to the Andorian Empire or to the United Federation of Planets.

“And for our allies, the other members of the Federation who have proved their loyalty to the empire time and again, from Captain Johnathan Archer to Ambassador Sarek to Justice Minerva Irons, I say this: The Andorian Empire stands sovereign within the United Federation of Planets. And the Empire stands united with the Federation as an ally and as a founding member. As Emperor, I pledge to strengthen those bonds.

“Finally, to my loyal andorians I say this: The proponents of Andoria First say they want to take Andoria back to a golden age. A golden age that never existed. These are the best days of the Andorian Empire and, if you give me your support, far better days are ahead, for all loyal Andorians. What say you, Andoria?”

The camera panned suddenly wide to reveal that the Dauphin Sin Shav was speaking in the great public square in Laikan. More than a hundred thousand mingled civilians and Imperial Guard soldiers were crowded into the square. Their antennae were moving in unison. A shout went up - “Emperor Sin! Emperor Sin! Emperor Sin!” accompanied by the percussion of a hundred thousand andorians striking their chests with both fists twice in unison after each cry.


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