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Chapter Notes:

A new heir apparent is found...

Star Trek Hunter
Episode 12: Prisoner in the Ice Castle

Scene 14: See No Sin


See No Sin

After a thorough medical screening, which the two young girls endured largely with Jhessith’s support and encouragement, they were ushered from the small surgery back into the medical office. A tall, snow white andorian was waiting for them. 


Isethia ran to the andorian and he caught her in his arms, lifting her easily. It was clear from his movements, particularly his head movement and his eyes that he was profoundly blind. His pupils and irises were only partly formed - his eyes remained motionless in their sockets. It was equally clear that this did not hinder him at all in recognizing the girls or understanding the space around him. “Isethia…” 

The younger girl was clinging to Jhessith, an expression of mingled fear and wonder on her face. “Sibob?”

The andorian set the older girl down and settled to his haunches. “Ipitil…” The younger girl’s expression changed to one of unvarnished joy. She detached herself from her caretaker and ran into the blind andorian’s arms, buried her face in his chest.

After a moment, he stood again and turned toward Ensign Tolon. “I have you to thank for my daughters.”

Lt. Tauk entered the room. 

“I was there and it was my team, along with Investigator Buttans, who brought them out.” Tolon clasped Buttans’ shoulder. “But the rescue was authorized by Lieutenant Commander Mlady."

“Your daughters are in good health,” said Dr. Jazz. “They have not spent enough time out of doors and their blood shows a slight lack of some important enzymes. But with a normal, heathy schedule of outdoor activities, that should easily be corrected.”

Lt. Cmdr. Mlady entered the room. The blind andorian turned to greet her. 

“I am told I have you to thank for rescuing my daughters. Many andorian children need rescue. But you chose to rescue mine.”

Mlady gave the blind man a long, evaluating look before she responded. “We have started the process. But it is up to Andoria to look after his own children. In my opinion, and that of others whom I respect, that means rescuing those other children is your responsibility.”

“And you have cleared the path for me.” He turned toward Jhessith. “You are a member of my family. You always have been. And I can tell you paid an awful price to protect my daughters. What is your name, child?”

“I am Jhessith.”

“Jhessith, there is no safer place than this place for now. I have a job even more terrible than yours. I must pit my family against my family. Far too many of them have forgotten what it means to be andorian and that lesson will inevitably be taught in blood. Will you look after my daughters here until I return for them?”

Jhessith was visibly relieved and overcome with emotion – almost unable to speak. “Always..” she managed.

“Then you will be as a daughter to me.” He turned his blind eyes toward Mlady. “Lieutenant Commander, I must visit my family members who are imprisoned aboard the U.S.S. Vox. I must see who among them remembers the meaning of loyalty and honor. Will you please introduce me to her captain?”


Chapter End Notes:

Character:                        Dauphin Sin Shav (Sin)
Human Ethnicity:             N/A
Additional Species:         Andorian
Hometown/Homeworld:  Tarsk, Andoria
Introduced: Episode        12.15
Age when introduced:      36
Role:                                 Dauphin of House Shav, Candidate for the Imperial Dias

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