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Chapter Notes:

The heir apparent to the throne is located...

Star Trek Hunter
Episode 12: Prisoner in the Ice Castle

Scene 13: Sin Interred


Sin Interred

2nd Lt. T’Lon and Midshipman Sif beamed down to the coordinates Lynhart Shran had given them. A unit of eight Andorian Imperial Guard troops were waiting along with the old investigator in a warehouse in Reitel, a northern suburb of the Andorian capital. Three other andorians in civilian clothing were also present – their expressions ranging from annoyance to disgust. The room smelled like rotting flesh.

T’Lon closed her eyes for a moment to adjust to the stench. Next to her, Dr. Sif tried hard not to retch. 

“It’s not all that bad, young one,” Shran said to Sif. “Just think back to your medical training. The victorious dead are warehoused here. Do not shame them.” Shran looked pointedly at the civilians, each of whom was extremely well dressed.

“Just so that I do not overstep my boundaries, Investigator, am I to understand you are still on leave?” asked T’Lon.

“At the moment, it’s Eliminator, First Class, Lieutenant. And I appreciate the question. For now, we should address each other as members of allied military forces. I am on temporary reactivated status with the Andorian Imperial Guard. And if my detective skills have not failed me, this warehouse contains what you have been looking for. But neither I, nor these guardsmen are authorized to look for it. I just ran across it by random chance while assessing my assigned targets. I suggest you set your tricorders to detect airborne decaying DNA fragments. You might want to begin your search with this stack behind me.”

Midshipman Sif made some adjustments on her tricorder, then pointed her tricorder toward T’Lon’s tricorder – synchronizing them. The vulcan and the trill set to analyzing a stack of boxes made from a substance that resembled wood. Almost immediately, Dr. Sif put her hand on one of the boxes and said, “This one.”

Shran turned to the guard unit and said, “Coreguide, would you and your unit assist our Star Fleet friends and retrieve this box?”

One of the three civilians blurted, “What have you asked us here for?”

Shran turned his attention to the angry andorian. “I asked your house to send a witness. And I did not select you. Your house selected you. Now do the job your house sent you here to do.”

“I am not afraid of you, you half-breed assassin,” the andorian retorted.

Another of the three civilians turned toward him and said, “You should be...”

During this discussion, the Guard unit had moved several boxes and pulled out the one Dr. Sif had pointed to. They pried the box open to reveal a dead andorian inside with no obvious wounds.

Dr. Sif ran her tricorder over the body. “Poison,” she said. She pressed the sensor of the tricorder against the dead andorian’s neck, then nodded at Shran.

“Witnesses please step forward and witness,” Shran said.

One of the witnesses gasped. Another said, “That’s him.” The angry andorian only got angrier.

“Lieutenant T’Lon,” said Shran, gesturing toward the dead andorian, “May I present the heir of House th’Ravonet and the presumptive emperor, Sin th’Ravonet…”

T’Lon turned toward the angry andorian, who was the House th’Ravonet representative. “I am authorized to require this body for forensic examination. You, as the th’Ravonet representative, will accompany the body to our ship and remain with it throughout examination to verify chain of custody.” 

“You can make no such requirement of me.”

“I do not need to. Your house makes that requirement of you. The witnesses from House Shav and House zh’Ithirith are welcome and invited to attend.” T’Lon turned to the imperial guardsman Shran had earlier addressed. “Coreguide, can you come or detail some of your guardsmen to come as well? The Federation would prefer to have a few impartial witnesses."

The coreguide responded by counting off two of his soldiers. “Shyl, Osab with me. The rest of you with Eliminator Shran.”


Chapter End Notes:

Character:                        Dauphin Sin th’Ravonette (Sin)
Human Ethnicity:             N/A
Additional Species:         Andorian
Hometown/Homeworld:  Lor’Tan, Andoria
Introduced: Episode        12.13
Age when introduced:      Dead
Role:                                Dauphin of House th’Ravonette, Heir apparent to the Imperial Dias

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