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Chapter Notes:

The U.S.S. Hunter's Flight Operations and Ground Operations departments launch a joint attack on a castle made of ice...

Star Trek Hunter
Episode 12: Prisoner in the Ice Castle

Scene 10: Breaking the Ice


Breaking the Ice

The wagon had landed on the ice several thousand kilometers away from its target - a castle in the southern polar region of Andoria. A castle with outer walls of ice that were in many places fifteen meters thick. 

Andorian castles in the polar regions were often constructed of ice or more commonly, had an outer shell of ice. There were several reasons for this - aside from being an abundantly available and extremely malleable building material, ice provided superb camouflage - visual and thermal - in a wilderness of gigantic, permanent glaciers and ice covered mountains.

Chief Flight Specialist Dewayne Guth had landed the wagon on a slight gradient and had maintained forward velocity, allowing the wagon to slide downhill, at a speed of about 100 kph - sliding across a thin film of ice melted by the wagon's heat until, without being powered, it came to rest less than a thousand kilometers from its target.

“So this time it is not a trap?” Tactical Specialist Belo Rys was concerned for her younger half-siblings and her cousin. She had also become rather attached to her new commanding officer - Ensign Tolon Reeves was charming, funny and clearly cared deeply about his squad.

“Never assume that we are not walking into a trap,” Tolon replied. “This is a highly guarded facility. There are layers of security and no doubt dozens of traps. That said, these people are not expecting us. Everyone is expecting us to try to rescue Dauphin Sin th'Ravonette. I don’t think anyone expects us to try to rescue Dauphin Sin Shav.”

“It's not Dauphin Sin Shav who needs rescuing,” said Investigator Buttans Ngumbo. "His children are the hostages."

Tolon smiled. “I just really want to know how Investigator Shran obtained all this detailed information so quickly.”

“No, you really don’t.” Buttans had a serious expression.

Tolon looked at Buttans quizzically.

“Trust me. You’ll sleep better.”

“Okay sir,” said Midshipman Tammy Brazil. “Everyone is in position.”

Ensign Tolon activated the viewer in the rear staging area of the wagon. Investigator Buttans and Tolon’s tactical squad watched as he checked the target area thoroughly for any signs of movement or readiness for the impending attack. Considering the maneuvers currently going on just above this moon’s atmosphere, the resources and attentions of the various royal families were currently engaged.

Tolon reflected only for a moment that this mission was a lot of responsibility for a Star Fleet ensign and wondered briefly why Tauk had not assigned this mission to Lt. T’Lon. She had experience running missions like this - but she had been an ensign when those had been assigned to her.

Ensign Tolon took a deep breath. “It looks clean. Let’s go!”

Flight Specialists Joey Chin and Winnifreid Salazaar, on receiving the “go” from Ensign Tolon, slowly and carefully brought their interceptors out of the planetary debris gathered in the eastern LaGrange point of the planet Rings. The Andorian Imperial Guard maintained significant intelligence assets in the LaGrange points throughout their home moon system. Investigator Shran had provided information about whom to bribe to look the other way so that the two Star Fleet long range interceptors could take up those camouflaged positions.

With their interceptors now free of the debris field, Chin and Salazaar engaged their ships’ warp jump capability using the coordinates that Chief Guth was providing from the wagon.

Of course the andorians had taken precautions to make sure interceptors couldn’t simply do what Chin and Salazaar were about to do. A low level shield was in place - not enough to prevent most vessels from moving through, but it would cause anything moving fast and certainly at warp to crash. Deflector shields work on frequencies and the lower the intensity, the fewer the frequencies - which made it easier for Chief Guth to analyze the frequencies and, at the precise moment needed, counter them with a focused projection of the wagon’s shields - effectively nullifying them.

The Hunter’s two interceptors appeared just over the castle and, using targeting information provided by Guth, destroyed in rapid succession, the castle’s phase cannon, shield emitter and power systems. 

An attack of this nature was sure to draw reprisals, and neither the wagon nor the interceptors could remain in the area. The andorian royal house that owned this castle also owned interceptors, which were almost certainly already on their way. Guth quickly brought the wagon into the air and at an altitude of 800 meters, along with the interceptors, jumped to warp and left the area.

A few hundred meters from the castle, six small patches of snowy ice moved slowly across the snowy ice.


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