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Chapter Notes:

Introduction to Episode 12: Prisoner in the Ice Castle by Ambassador Sarek of Vulcan (popularly known as the father of Spock)

Star Trek Hunter
Episode 12: Prisoner in the Ice Castle

Episode 12 – Prisoner in the Ice Castle

“Andorian imperial succession has always been an extremely emotional and intensely violent affair. Since the Andorian Empire became one of the three founding governments of the United Federation of Planets and with federation mediators, under the Federation Charter, playing a central role in facilitating succession, the death toll has been significantly reduced. In the opinion of andorian historians, an imperial succession with an official death count of less than a thousand is considered a bloodless transition.” 

“It is crucial that federation mediators do not try to play god in these transitions. It is never our role to choose the new emperor or to allow the royal families to choose the new emperor. Our role is to ensure an orderly process and help all parties to accept the inevitability of the outcome on the ground – to sanctify this outcome and prevent endless reprisals. It is by far the most difficult and delicate negotiation I have ever conducted and I conducted the vast majority of it in complete silence, without ever saying a word.”

Ambassador Sarek, 
Notes on the Fifth Federation-Mediated Succession of the Andorian Empire.

Crew of the U.S.S. Hunter: (Ship's Interactive Holographic Avatar - Hunter)

At-Large Appellate Justice, Captain Minerva Irons

Chief Executive Officer - Commander David Pepper

Chief Operations Officer - Lt. Commander Mlady

Medical Director - Commander Tali Shae

        Asst. Medical Director - Lt. Jazz Sam Sinder

        Epidemiologist - Lt. Napoleon Boles

                Ensign Chrissiana Trei

                    Forensic Specialist - Midshipman Sif

                        Emergency Medical Hologram - Dr. Raj

                        Tactical Medical Hologram - Dr. Kim

Director of Flight Operations - Lt. Kenneth Dolphin

        Asst. Flight Dir. - 2nd Lt. Gaia Gamor

                        Navigator Johanna Imex

                        Navigator Eli Strahl

                Ensign Ethan Phillips

                        Chief Flight Specialist Dewayne Guth

                        Flight Specialist Dih Terri

                        Flight Specialist Joey Chin

                        Flight Specialist Winnifreid Salazaar

Director of Ground Operations - Lt. Tauk

        Asst. Ground Ops Dir. - 2nd Lt. T’Lon 

                        Investigator Lynhart Shran

                        Investigator Buttans Ngumbo

                Ensign Tolon Reeves

                        Tactical Specialist Jarrong

                        Tactical Specialist Belo Rys

                        Tactical Specialist Belo Garr

                        Tactical Specialist Belo Cantys

Director of Engineering - Lt. Sarekson Carrera

        Asst. Engineering Dir. - 2nd Lt. Moon Sun Salek

                  Midshipman Tammy Brazil

                        Transporter Engineer K'rok

                Ensign Sun Ho Hui

                        Flight Engineer Yolanda Thomas

                        Flight Engineer Thomas Hobbs

                        Flight Engineer Tomos

                        Flight Engineer Kerry Gibbon

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