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Premiering on October 27th, 2014, in weekly free write #128, the prompt was"getting schooled" and is a continuation of the Paul/Seven story ... with Paul's sister making a guest-star appearance.


Vicky Bearrian, Paul's hyper-enthused sister, is going to make good on a promise she made at Christmas: it's time to take Seven shopping. But what starts out as a lesson for Seven soon turns into a lesson for Vicky ... 

Rated: K
Categories: Voyager, Expanded Universes Characters: Seven of Nine
Genre: Friendship
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Series: When Paul Met Seven
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Word count: 3119 Read: 265
Published: 05 Jan 2020 Updated: 05 Jan 2020
Story Notes:

This is the second, more refined, crack at this story -- the WFW thread had two had a first effort in there that kinda went off the rails at the end, so I needed to redo it. Hopefully the edits made here properly convey what I was trying for. 

1. Chapter 1 by trekfan [Reviews - 0] (3119 words)