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Summary: Will Riker wakes up alone in a dark hole with no food, no water, and a bleeding head wound. It's going to be a struggle to get home.
Rated: T
Categories: Next Generation Characters: Riker, William, Troi, Deanna
Genre: General, Het
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Published: 15 Dec 2019 Updated: 15 Dec 2019
Story Notes:
Timeline: Season 2, between "Time Squared" and "The Icarus Factor." Includes references to the season 7 episode "The Pegasus."

Content notes/warnings: Dubious computer science; Author clearly has a fav and isn't afraid to show it; Body fluids. Like, so many of them. Way more than canon ever acknowledged exist. I'm sorry. If it helps, none of it is gratuitous (I don't think), and there are no lingering descriptions.

Author's note: As a rule, I try not to do the bad parent story. I think there's a tendency to flatten complicated parent-child relationships into 2-dimensional abuse stories that don't do either character justice. That said, Kyle Riker left his son alone when he was fifteen, and when called on it, said (and I quote), "Please, spare me the pain of your childhood. I hung in for thirteen years. If that wasn't enough, it's just too bad." So...I'm not feeling too bad about making Kyle Riker out to be a crappy dad, is what I am saying here.

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