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Ebrie Lagoon Apartments: Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire, Earth

Stardate: 54527.3

Guzka grabbed his cup of Deluvian Espresso out of the replicator in his kitchen. He took a moment to savor the rich aroma before heading to the breakfast nook's table. It was one of his favorite parts of day: drinking his coffee and reading the news before departing for his morning train to Councilor Vanna's offices in Paris.

He had just sat down and picked up his PADD when a battering ram took his front door clean off the hinges. Guzka's beverage went flying as five burly men wearing blue body armor and helmets burst in with phaser rifles drawn.


Two of them grabbed Guzka by the arms and tackled the Rigellian to the hardwood floor.

The other three rapidly cleared the apartment before returning to the main room.

"All clear! All clear! All clear!" they shouted. The leader started speaking into a comm headset attached to his rig.

"What is the meaning of this!?" Guzka shouted struggling against the force of the two men holding him down. "Do you know who I am? Do you know who I work for?"

"Remain calm, Sir, or we will have to stun you," the leader said brusquely.

"You just broke down my door and shoved weapons in my face!" Guzka replied. "I am the chief of staff for Councilor Vraska Vanna! When she finds out about this, every single person in your chain of command will…"

"She already knows!" an angry voice said. He looked up and saw a woman standing in his door. "Who do you think authorized the warrant?"

"Why Vraska?" Guzka asked dejected.

"Because I wanted to see if it was true with my own eyes," Vanna said. "Admiral," she added with a look back over her shoulder. Yoshizaki entered holding an open tricorder. She immediately began scanning the room. As she approached a wooden hutch in the corner of the living room, the device began chirping faster and faster.

"Behind here…" she said.

Two of the security officers walked over and pulled it away from the wall. A duranium door was directly behind it.

"DNA encoded wall safe, Ma'am," the leader said.

"Open it," Vanna ordered her soon to be former chief of staff.

"I don't have to do a damn thing," Guzka replied. "I'm a Federation Citizen and I plead the Seventh Guarantee…"

"You're forgetting I'm a lawyer and a damned good one!" Vanna shouted back. "That only applies to testimony and not evidence gathered during a legal search and seizure. Now, either you open it right now or I'll have these gentlemen place your hand on the genetic scanner for you and tack on obstruction charges to boot."

Finally, Guzka dropped his head and nodded. The two officers escorted him over to the wall. He reached up and placed his palm on the safe's access plate. The locks clicked open.

Yoshizaki pulled the safe door open. Inside were ten bars of gold pressed latinum. She held up the tricorder. Its beeping changed to a steady tone as it confirmed the presence of the viridium tracer left by the crew of the Pershing. The admiral pulled out a bar and showed everyone the Imperial Romulan Raptor pressed into the glistening surface.

"These are it…" Yoshizaki said before turning to the security officers. "Take him away."

As the men led Guzka towards the door, Vanna reached out a hand and stopped them.

"Why, Vatu?" she said in total disbelief. "You've been with me since the beginning. What happened to that young kid who said all he wanted was to make the Federation a better place? How did he decide to start working for the devil?"

Guzka scoffed. He knew there was no point in hiding anything. They already had enough evidence to send him away to a maximum security penal colony for the next century.

"Simple Vraska," he replied, "the devil pays a hell of lot better than you do…"

Vanna clenched her jaw.

"Get him out of here!"

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