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Palais de la Concorde: Paris, Earth

Stardate: 54527.2

The Federation Councilor from Ardana, Vraska Vanna, walked into the President's office. It was a beautifully clear day and the Eiffel Tower loomed in the windows behind the chief executive's desk.

"Vraska," President Bacco said rising to her feet. "It's good to see you. Thank you for coming on such short notice."

"Of course, Nanietta," the Councilor replied shaking the President's hand. "Anything for an old friend."

The two women sat down on a couch for what Councillor Vanna would be a chat about political strategy. Why else would Bacco summon her so suddenly? Vanna and Bacco had been political allies for years. It was the Ardannan councilor who had instigated the investigation against Tigranian and the Klingon Empire that had figured so prominently in Bacco's successful election campaign.

"First off, Nanietta," Vanna began, "I know the media is going crazy about Tigranian and the Klingons saving our ships at Celdis Prime. Don't worry about political fallout for one second. It still doesn't change the fact Tigranian was in bed with the Klingons the whole time. My staff has already been working on ways to spin this back in our favor…"

"Vraska," Bacco said holding up her hand. "That isn't why I've asked you hear today. I was just informed of something very disturbing. We have another big problem that I think you need to be aware of."

"What problem?" Vanna asked concerned. Bacco reached out and pressed an intercom on the coffee table.

"Would you please her in," she said to an aide out in the hallway. A side door opened. Admiral Yoshizaki walked in carrying a PADD. She marched over to the seated women and saluted.

"Admiral Yoshizaki, Chief of Starfleet Intelligence, reporting as ordered, Ma'am."

Bacco saluted back.

"At ease, Admiral. You may ask your question to Councilor Vanna now. I'm curious to know the answer myself."

Vanna looked back and forth extremely nervously.

"Nanietta, what is going on?" she demanded.

"Just answer honestly, please. A lot of things depend on this," Bacco said.

"Councilor," Yoshizaki began. "In regards to your investigation of Captain Daniel Tigranian and his collusion with Qo'noS, were you fed any incriminating information about Captain Tigranian or the activities of the Klingon Empire by your chief of staff, Mr. Vatu Guzka?"

Vanna looked angry and shocked. She turned back to look at the President.

"You used Starfleet Intelligence to spy on me?" she shouted. "I'm a sitting member of the Federation Council and a Federation citizen! This violates a least half a dozen separate laws! How could you!?"

"Vraska, stop," Bacco said. "Starfleet Intelligence didn't come to this conclusion by spying on you..."

"What do you mean?" Vanna asked. "How else could they know who discovered the evidence of Tigranian's treason? Guzka said he had sources in the Klingon government who told him specifically that Tigranian was a Klingon agent being directed to influence Starfleet operations in the empire's favor…"

"Vraska," Bacco said reaching out and grabbing her friend's hand. "Guzka wasn't being told to say that by anyone in the Klingon Empire. I know that thanks to Admiral Yoshizaki here."

"He would never lie to me!" Vanna said indignantly. "Vatu Guzka has worked for me for over ten years."

"Perhaps you should explain," Bacco said turning to Yoshizaki.

"Yes Ma'am," the Admiral began. "One month ago, the USS Pershing intercepted a shipment of gold-pressed latinum being smuggled to Ferenginar…"

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