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The huge model of The Alamo dominates the room. MOLLY O'BRIEN, pigtails and aged 7, plays with some miniature soldiers.

MOLLY: (singing) Eighty-five bottles of beer on the wall, eighty-five bottles of beer. You take one down and pass it around…

Molly O'Brien knows all about Travis and his heroic last stand. Her father and his best friend have told her the story often enough. They’ve told her all about The Battle of Britain too. And The Charge of the Light Brigade.

Once they even let her come with them to the holosuite and she flew in a Spitfire over the English Channel. She knows the importance of sacrifice and fighting on against the odds… even if it is all just make-believe.

The door opens and O’Brien enters.

O’BRIEN: Molly.

MOLLY: Daddy!

She gives her Dad the biggest smile and runs to hug him. O’Brien holds her tightly.

When he finally does let her go, it’s with reluctance.

O’BRIEN: Molly… what’s your favourite ice cream?

The little girl considers this: for slightly longer than she should do.

MOLLY: Ummmm…

O’Brien waits for her answer as if it’s the most important piece of information in the universe.



Bashir sits with his Starfleet badge in the palm of his hand.

BASHIR: I let eighty five litres of bio-memetic gel out into the universe. It was an order and I followed it. But I knew was wrong. I could have said no. I could have got more involved. Done something. But it wasn’t my story, wasn’t my fight. I played my part, covered myself with a written protest to Starfleet Medical and got on with my life.

GARAK: We can’t do much. Not here. It’s not your fault things are the way they are.

BASHIR: Everybody tells themselves that… and nothing ever changes...

Off Bashir despair, Garak puts the pieces together.

GARAK: You think that this bio-genic weapon comes from…? (laugh) Why the odds would be incredible! Doctor that gel could end up anywhere!

BASHIR: Used against a different ship, another world? Someone else’s daughter?

GARAK: You can’t possibly know.

BASHIR: No, I don’t know… didn’t know. That’s the most damning part. I was prepared to live with not knowing.

I sent bio-memetic gel out into the universe without the slightest clue of where it was going or who it might be used against. And if I hadn’t read the story… if it hadn’t been Molly…

I don’t think I would have thought about it again. Ever.

In fact I’m sure of it.




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