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‘Sleeping with the Enemy'


Captain's Quarters, Deck 4

In his quarters, the Captain lay in his cot with a happy head from the drinks he'd had with Monroe and then they were later joined by Eddie and Rah. Eddie was grouchy because of the acquired shuttle and rah was his usual ‘talkative' self. It hadn't however, dented the enthusiasm with which he and the doctor had drowned their drinks. In fact as he considered it, Monroe was aglow all night and very tipsy and giddy. He smiled to himself as he remembered their high-jinx happily.

With a padd in the one hand while the other hand twirled the hair running from his belly button to his crotch he studied pertinent information about shipping lanes, supplies and ship movements in their sector trying to discern patterns and suspicious deviations. He might not be the most professional captain or that keen on paper work but he did like to read all the information he could his hands on to try to predict the movements of their many regular chancers.

A slender arm slipped round his neck and then played with this hair too. "Is that the security report form the Commodore?"

"Ah Yeoman Harris, not at all, that report isn't worth the reading so I didn't bother. I thought you were never going to finish your shower."

"I thought you were going to join me."

"Ah, I got caught up on my reading. But now that you're scrubbed up and nicely dressed," he looked lustily at her form wrapped in a short towel her pert small breasts just bulging over the top her bum cheeks clearly on display sitting atop her legs tucked up under her perched on the end of the captain's cot.

He set his pad down and slipped the hand between her legs. "Yeoman Harris I hate to tell you but you're overdressed for tonight's plans."

She bit her lip teasingly and in anticipation. "Oh. What would you recommend?"

McGregor softly kissed her throat making a path towards the towel. Then with a groan, he barked at his chiming door, "Clear off!"

The door chimed again. Which meant it was important. No one on his staff (well perhaps that fool ensign) would be foolish enough to disturb him in his quarters. Especially his senior officers who knew too well the Captain's favourite pastimes. He rolled off Harris and took a swig from the tumbler of Irish whiskey on his side table.

Opening the door in just his pyjama bottoms, he saw his chief of security who merely arched an eyebrow at his commanding officer's state of dress. He also refrained from looking into the room. "Captain."

"My, my Tac. You've come a knockin' on my door. Not too often, that happens. What is it?"

"The security chief at Starbase 49 contacted me ten minutes ago and filled me in with the details of his investigation into the boarders who attacked the ship."

"That bloody Cutler! When I think of it. Well spit it out Caleb. What's the score? What did he find out?"

He shrugged his shoulders and proffered a padd with the relevant information. "To be truthful Captain the information does not reveal a whole lot. What he did find out raises more questions rather than reaching any conclusions."

"I didn't expect much from the accommodating commodore." Nevertheless, the Captain's brow furrowed intrigued. He took the padd eagerly and scanned its content quickly. As he did, Caleb gave a summary of the findings.

McGregor stepped out of his cabin and stood with Dexter in the corridor obviously to his lack of attire. "So this basically tells us that the security breaches also came from this end. Someone aboard my ship let them sneak onto my decks!"

"That's the sum of it. I've already started my own investigation."

He gave the padd away hastily. "No need, I know who it is."

Caleb look startled. "You do?"

"Yes. They made it damned easy you'll find and better than that made it look like complete incompetence." McGregor stopped to consider his next move. "Tell me Tac, knowing T'Hos Likk as we do, do you imagine he is going to let this lie?"

"No way, Capt. And if he has someone working for him as part of the crew he is going to act again soon. The sooner the better for him as it means less chance of us discovering his mole. So let's get his mole under arrest Captain."

"Not just yet Tac. We're going to let T'Hos think that his plans are going to - well to plan. That way, we catch him out instead. I'm going to enjoy getting my own back on T'Hos."

Dexter crossed his arms warily. "T'Hos is already dangerously upset with you Captain."

McGregor wagged an admonitory finger. "No, no, no. He's dangerously upset, seeking revenge, death and destruction upon all of us. I am merely the figurehead for his vendetta."

"That and the fact you personally slit the throat of his brother."

"Oh forgot about that. And I never did get the money he owed me."

"You owed him for destroying his cargo of tilithium."

"Oh I forgot about that."

Caleb shook his head. "I somehow doubt that. What about our mole? Who do you think it is?"

"Now Tic, in case you didn't realise it, I am the Captain and you are the chief of security. In other words, you really ought to be able to figure it out for yourself. I'm sure you'll work it out. I know I hired you more for your brawn than your brains but you'll figure it sooner or later. When you do just keep the mole under tabs that way we can set the trap on T'Hos."

"How can we be sure he'll use the mole for anything he has planned?"

The Captain leaned up against his doorframe. "T'Hos is a blunt instrument. He'll use every trick available. They'll plan to sabotage ship systems in order to put us at a disadvantage. But we'll know what has been sabotaged and will decipher their plans from that. Also I know when and where he'll have set his trap."

"If you know that then why do we need to go through this whole charade?"

McGregor straightened himself in mock indignation and dramatically exclaimed, "Charade! What charade?"

"I presume you are going to let the mole to have free range around the Kestrel and go through with their sabotage in order to catch them red-handed. So why do we have to follow the mole and allow them to cause possible damage? For one thing Gardner is not going to be none too pleased."

He waved a dismissive hand at Gardner's likely protestations. "He's a teddy bear. Besides, you presume he is not the traitor. We're doing it this way, so I can enjoy beating T'Hos at his own game. I'm going to revel in the fact we're going to ruin his knavish tricks."

McGregor saw Dexter's disapproval at his motivation for such a risky course of action. Seeing that Tac was going to protest, McGregor continued, "Mostly for mine own self-gratification I know, but I do have other valid reasons. We do it in order to confirm the mole's identity and to figure out the how and why of their actions. I don't imagine they're doing it because T'Hos has them in his pocket."

"No? Yet they're willing to put the entire crew in jeopardy."

"No, I think there's something else to it. Which makes it all the more important to approach this delicately."

Caleb Dexter scoffed. Such a tactic was not the normal practice for the Captain in all his time working for him. "Yeah cos you like the softly, softly approach."

"You know me Tac, the model of discretion and subtly."

"Yeah you can be but rarely are Capt."

McGregor leaned in closely to Tac and with a leering grin and a wink bragged, "Now you'll excuse me, I'm giving Yeoman Harris a thorough debriefing." With that, McGregor smiled ducking back into his room leaving Dexter to consider the padd with the information he had already gathered on the attack.

The door slid open again with McGregor popping his end out and exclaiming cheerily, despite the subject, "Oh and Tac not to worry, you have a number of days if not weeks to figure it out for yourself and to formulate our plans."

Dexter cocked an intrigued eyebrow amused by the Captain's nonchalance at the pending attack. "Yeah?"

"Yes! T'Hos will attack us once we arrive at, or possibly once we're in, the Wash."

"You're certain of that?"

"Of course, he's a dangerous under-handed thug who is not worried about winning a fight fairly."

With a droll grin, Dexter returned, "Just like you Capt!"

"Damn right Tac. He's a clever and deadly bastard ... not nearly as handsome though!"

* * *

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