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‘Accommodating Commodore'

The office of Commodore Georgetown, Starbase 49

Commodore Georgetown was use to not being a figure of authority. At best, he was more of a fatherly figure to the many crew and residents of the Starbase ,and a facilitiator to the visiting ships. Nevertheless, he was use to being treated with a rather lot more decorum.

"Captain McGregor I would like to reiterate that your ‘tactic' for getting rid of your intruders, caused widespread havoc to the installation and caused much damage and injuries, albeit minor."

"My intruders! My intruders?" McGregor slapped a palm on the commodore's desk as he darted to his feet. "My dear commodore, my intruders were hiding out on your installation. Others waltzed onto the gangway of my ship from your installation, dressed in your uniforms, with permits from your security department! If you had been securing your station as per your job I'd not have had my intruders!"

"Obviously, there's fault on both sides."

McGregor grabbed Georgetown by the lapels of his uniform jacket and hauled him to his feet. "Did my enlisted security officers, Chan Yu and Brad Hanlon have blame for it? Maybe I ought to record that in the letters I write to their families on the deaths of their sons. Don't dish out the blame commodore, when your station failed my ship's safety and security. You might as well have come down and pulled the triggers yourself!"

"McGregor!" Molly hauled the captain free of the commodore who, flushed and frightened, flopped down into his chair. His aide sat frozen in his seat, seeing his superior officer being roughly manhandled. McGregor moved slowly away from the desk.

Trying her best to appease all in the room, Molly adopted her best concillatory voice and face. One well practiced after these years with McGregor. "Commodore, the captain is obviously outraged at the deaths of crewmembers and the destruction of the Kestrel's systems. An action precipitated by the captain's last-ditch attempt to save his ship. Obviously, the havoc to the traffic in and around Starbase 49 is regrettable but I for one am glad for the captain's course of action  It stopped a deadly neuro-toxin that would have killed everyone onboard and could probably have contaminated the Starbase too.

"Now the issue remains how T'Hos managed to carry out his attack. That'll require a full investigation by your security department. As to the Kestrel herself, she has suffered heavy damage and her recent overhaul nullified. With your assistance, and patience, we'd like to stream-line the repairs to the Kestrel."

"I'm sorry but the Kestrel is hardly a priority. The ship is antiquated!" McGregor turned around sharply but Molly Cartwright put out a halting hand.

"She is a tried and trusted ship commodore. Your help in rendering the best and speediest assistance would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, I can only imagine how long we would have to languish about waiting on the ship to be ready for patrol. We're very eager to ship out and hunt down the perpertrator of this heinous attack."

She leaned in to speak softly as if her whisper were an intimate conversation between them only. McGregor faced away as if to hide his smirk. "Can you just imagine, McGregor cooped up on your space station, for what, months on end? I really doubt Starfleet will rush through a replacement vessel for him to command."

Georgetown baulked at the thought of McGregor constantly at his heels, doggedly hounding him about the state of disrepair of his ship. He could easily imagine the captain as a thorn in his side but he could not imagine just  exactly what problems and headaches McGregor would cause. Only that it would probably be highly embarrassing and troubling not just for Georgetown but all of his crews.

"I guess you are quite correct Commander Cartwright. And in light of the sacrifice the Kestrel made to ensure the pathogen did not spread to the starbase either I think it only fair to bump it up the priorities."

Cartwright bowed her head happily towards the commodore. "Thank you sir, I thought you might see it that way."

Georgetown dismissed them both happily. Outside his office, McGregor smirked as the turbolift doors opened. "Molly, I think I could father your children."

As the doors shut, Molly returned drolly, her eyes straight ahead, "You try and I'll slap that beard off of your face."

"Did I mention how much I admire your interpersonal skills Molly?"

* * *


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