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Munich, Germany: Earth

"There we go, Bud," Tigranian said to Max in gentle tlhIngan Hol as he fastened the last few snaps of his pajamas after a bottle, bath, and diaper change. "You've got a full tummy, you're all nice and clean, and ready for bed." The ladies were on their way back to Bangkok for a night of barhopping and Tigranian was now alone with the baby.

The outfit Max was wearing was a gift from the captain and Laria at Annabeth's baby shower. It had remained conspicuously absent from the infant's normal rotation, but when Tigranian found it in the bottom of one of the drawers in Max's nursery, he felt it was the perfect night for him to try it out. The sleeper was light brown and had a hood crowned with a plush horn. A soft ridge of fake fur ran down Max's back and the words, "Mommy's Little Targ" were written in pIqaD across his chest.

"Now, you look like a fierce beast, Little Warrior," Tigranian said hoisting Max into his arms. The baby stirred a bit, a bit skeptical of the man who was suddenly caring for him, but he didn't cry.

"That's right, that's right," Tigranian said gently bouncing him. "I know you don't understand what I'm saying yet, but you will. This is the language of my blood..." he paused and smiled as he looked down into Max's face. "And it's the language of your blood too."

Tigranian walked out into Annabeth and Alex's empty living room and stared out at the early Bavarian evening through the large windows. The sun had just set and the lights of the old city were beginning to sparkle. He walked up to glass and showed Max the landscape.

"You're very fortunate to grow up in a place like this with mothers as wonderful as yours. You're gonna have such an amazing life," He then looked over to the wall where Alex had mounted the bat'leth presented at Max's blood christening. "But when you're old enough, I hope that you'll let me show you an even greater life: one of passion, integrity, adventure, and honor." He shifted so that Max could see his sword. "I'll even teach you how to use that," he said pointing. "Would you like that?" he asked staring at the little bundle in his arms. "I hope so, because I want to pass on what was taught to me. I want to make you brave, just, and strong…not only because I'm your godfather, but because…I'm your father, and I love you so much."

Max looked up at him and his eyes started to grow heavy. Tigranian chuckled.

"But that's all still a long way away. Why don't we just have fun tonight? Sound good?"

He walked over to the couch and took a seat. Max was beginning to doze off.

"I know you're tired, Bud," Tigranian continued, "but I have one thing to show you before we go night-night. I promise it will change your life, but don't tell your mothers."

Max rolled over in his arms as Tigranian turned on the holoscreen.

"Computer, play Battlecruiser Vengeance: Season 1, Episode 1."

The holoscreen came to life with the image of a starscape. A Klingon narrator's voice began booming through the speakers:

"It is an age of destiny. Warriors now travel across space to wage war and paint the stars red with blood. This is the saga of the Battlecruiser Vengeance. Her enduring mission is to fight the enemies of the Klingon people, conquer new subjects and new worlds, and bring everlasting glory to the Empire!"

Instantly, Max was completely awake. His eyes grew wide as he stared at the violent images flashing across the screen. He began sucking on his pacifier and wildly waving his arms causing the horn on his pajama hood to bounce up and down. A grin crossed Tigranian's face…

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