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Chapter Notes: For those interested, the dance Liz does for the talent show can be found on YouTube at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oxssy4oZj9U And yes, Juliet Prowse is doing that dance wearing heels.

Buoyed by Jadzia’s words of encouragement from a few days ago, Liz felt her heart race as she pressed the enunciator to Sandy’s apartment. Hearing Sandy’s welcoming, “Come in!” Liz smiled as she saw the lovely blonde artist rising up from the couch to greet her. This time, instead of the gentle and quick kiss on the lips that had been her norm recently, Liz’s kiss was passionate and full of fire.

“Mmmm…” Sandy vocalized as she returned the kiss. Reluctantly breaking their liplock, the artist asked, “Not that I’m complaining, but what brought this about?”

“Ummm,,,” Liz stammered, “Can we sit down on the couch and talk?”

“Sure, babe.” Sandy replied as she guided the young cadet to the couch with her hand and sat down beside her. “So…what’s up?”

“Uhhh…” Liz began, stumbling over her words at first and then gaining confidence as she spoke, “I had a conversation with Jadzia a few days ago and she helped me to realize that I had certain feelings about…you…and Jason…and Raul and Heather.” Liz quickly blurted out the end.

“And she gave me some good advice—to be honest with you…with all of you…and…well…go on from there…” Holding her breath, Liz steeled herself for the rejection she thought she was sure she was going to receive only to be surprised by the warm hug and very passionate kiss she received from the woman next to her.

“Wow!” Liz, left temporarily breathless, sighed in relief. “So…Ummm” She drawled as her eyes drifted to the bedroom, “Race ya!”


Feeling the warm presence lying next to her, Liz nuzzled herself even closer to her lover’s warm body.

“Hey, lover.” Sandy’s gentle voice tingled the back of Liz’s head as she felt the other woman’s arms holding her.

“Hey, yourself.” Liz, turning around to face Sandy, smiled as she gave her a gentle kiss. “That was…”

“Yeah.” Sandy smiled back, “It was.”

“So…” Liz drawled as she caressed the other woman.

“How’s about we take a bath together?” Sandy tempted and then chuckled, “You know, they say the best sex is dirty and sweaty and well, I’m feeling pretty dirty and sweaty right about now.”

“Mmmm…me too.” Liz sighed, “A bath sounds good to me.”

Gasping with relief as she slipped into the warm water with her lover, Liz laid back. “Oh…this does feel wonderful.”

“A lot better than a sonic shower, Huh? Sandy quipped.

“Hmmm…you can say that again.” Liz practically purred.

Her lips turning up in an appreciative smile as she took in the sight of Liz’s creamy white skin and beautiful body, Sandy gently inquired, “You can tell me if I’m getting out of line and I’ll back off, but…was there anyone before? Anyone you were really serious about?”

“No…you’re not out of line.” Liz smiled warmly at her new lover lying next to her in the tub. “I had a boyfriend in high school that I slept with a couple of times and a girlfriend from one of my dance classes—same thing—slept together a couple of times, but that was it—nothing that was what I’d call serious.”

“Nothing wrong with that.” Sandy consoled.

“The thing I had with Eric…that ended when I graduated.” Liz recounted, “He got a scholarship to study biology at Queensland University.” Taking a deep breath, she continued, “And things with Zoe ended when she moved to Armstrong City with her family.”

“So…you parted on good terms?”.

“Yeah.” Liz replied with a smile. “I haven’t heard from Zoe since she left, but every once in a while, I’ll get a quick hello from Eric.”

Smiling, Sandy said gently, “You have pleasant memories from both of them…right?”

“Yeah.” Liz replied in a soft voice.

“And no one got hurt, right?”

“No…we parted as friends.”

“I think the most important thing is that you try not to hurt anyone—you know what I mean?” Sandy said as she placed an arm around her partner, smiling as Liz relaxed into her embrace. “You and Eric and Zoe made some beautiful memories with each other that you’ll always cherish.”

Sighing, she remarked, “You know…for the Deltans, the worst sin you can commit is when you use sex to hurt someone. I think that as long as you’re honest and respect the person or persons you’re with, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a few hours or a night or a week or a year or ten years or a lifetime. What matters is that you part with pleasant memories—and—there’s nothing wrong with being with more than one person—as long as you’re honest with everyone you’re with.”

Her expression now more serious, she gently cautioned, “Don’t ever promise someone more than you’re willing to give. That way leads to people being hurt.”

“You know…” Liz mused, “What you just said was very similar to what Jadzia told me.”

“Jadzia’s a smart person.” Sandy smiled, “And I bet when it’s time, she’s going to make a great host for her symbiote. You know, there’s nothing wrong with giving and receiving pleasure.” Sandy remarked. “Whether it’s one time only or on-again off-again or something more permanent.”

Smiling, Sandy declared, “You’re a free spirit, Liz—whether you know it or not. That’s what we all love most about you.”

“Ummm…thanks!” A surprised Liz exclaimed, “No one’s ever called me that before. Mostly…” She sighed, “…they tell me I’m wound too tight…and…in a way they’re right.” She ruefully admitted as Sandy hugged her closer in a gesture that was both supportive and inviting. “I always have to be the best at what I do and I never do anything half way.”

“I know…” Sandy grinned, “That’s another thing I love about you. But…” She cautioned, her smile vanishing to be replaced by a serious expression. “Please…be careful. You know what happened to Macbeth when he let his ambition get the better of him.”

“Yeah.” Liz nodded her head. Then, changing the subject, she very cautiously ventured, “What about Jason and the others?”

Smiling, Sandy kissed her new lover, “If you want to be with them, just let them know it. You might be pleasantly surprised at the result.”

“And it won’t upset you?” Liz asked, her concern for Sandy’s feelings obvious in her expression and tone of voice.

Touched by Liz’s worry for her, Sandy’s lips turned up in a gentle smile. “Of course not.” Her smile now turning more into a wicked grin, she added as she gave Liz another kiss, “If I’m there with you at the time, there’s a very good chance I’ll ask if I can join you. So…” She purred, “Don’t worry about it…just relax and go with the flow, ok?”

“Ok…” Liz smiled as she returned Sandy’s kiss, “I will.”


Still floating high from her day of lovemaking, Liz smiled and waved as she spotted Amaya and the cadet she had been spending time with walking together on the quad, “Amaya?” Liz called out, “Over here.”

Approaching the happy blonde cadet, Amaya grinned, “You’re in a good mood, Liz.” Then, glancing at her friend beside her, she remarked, “Oh…that’s right…you two haven’t been introduced yet. Liz, this is a good friend of mine, Michael…Michael Owens.”

“Hi, Michael.” Liz said as she held out her hand. “So…why haven’t I seen you around before.”

“I got back recently from a training cruise.” He responded with a smile, adding, I couldn’t help but overhear you and your friend’s conversation a few weeks ago about Nova Squadron. I just wanted to say that I think you’re right. Groups like that don’t belong in the Academy or Starfleet.”

“Yeah.” Liz nodded her head. “They’re usually nothing but trouble and that was the jist of the paper I wrote for Captain Hanson.”

“So…” Amaya grinned, “You just come back from the city?”

“Yeah.” Liz’s smile grew even brighter, “Spent the day with Sandy.”

“I can tell!” Amaya exclaimed, “You’re in such a good mood.” Drawing closer, she whispered conspiratorially in her fellow cadet’s ear, “Must have been a good time, I can still smell a little of her perfume on you.”

Giggling, Liz responded in a low whisper, “Yeah…you could say we both had a good time.” Then sighing, she remarked aloud, “But I still have to cram for those exams and prep for the ground tactical exercise coming up.”

“Well, we won’t keep you busy.” Michael said with a grin and then suggested, “Maybe you could join us for dinner…bring your roommate along—she seems like a nice person.”

“Sure.” Liz answered, “Sounds good. I’ll see if Jadzia can join us and we’ll get together at Rand house at say…1800.”

“1800 it is.” Michael agreed as Amaya nodded her head. “See you then.”

As Liz walked away, Michael turned to his friend, “She seems pretty nice…I like her.”


“I see the weathernet’s bringing us some clouds today.” Terrence observed as he brought the two cadets a couple of baskets of food and drinks from the outdoor vendor. “Shrimp tempura for you, Liz, and sashimi for you, Jadzia.” He grinned, “And green tea.”

“So, what are you having, Terrence?” Jadzia asked as Terrence set the baskets and drinks down.

“Beef teriyaki and synth-saki.” The dark-skinned ensign replied.

“I see you’re scheduled for my ground tactical exercise tomorrow, Liz. Better bring your ‘A’ game.”

“I will Terrence,” Liz replied, flashing a self-confident grin.

As the threesome ate and talked, Liz noticed a familiar figure walking in the park. Standing up, she called out, “Hey, Heather! Come on over and join us, Sweetie.”

Immediately recognizing Liz with the other two Starfleet cadets, Heather waved back, “Hey, baby! Comin’ right over.” As the stunning red-head approached the table, Liz, still standing, embraced and kissed her. Making room on the bench next to her, Liz introduced everyone.

Smiling inwardly at their close proximity to each other, Heather remarked in her usual husky voice, “Lovely day, isn’t it…bit cloudy though.”

“Yeah.” Jadzia smiled, quickly picking up on the close casual contact between her roommate and the red-head. “Weathernet says to expect rain tonight and tomorrow morning.”

“Good.” Heather smiled. Grazing Liz’s leg with hers as she unpacked the lunch she had stored in her bag, Heather commented, “My babies need the rain.” Seeing the confusion on Terrence’s and Jadzia’s faces, she chuckled, “My plants. My roses especially.”

“Heather grows some of the most beautiful roses I’ve ever seen—as pretty as Boothby’s.” Liz gushed as she placed her hand on Heather’s thigh underneath the table.

“Heard you turned down Nova Squadron.” Terrance said with more than a note of pique in his voice, “Why?”

Standing her ground, Liz said as Heather gave her a supportive squeeze of her hand under the table, “I don’t think elite units like that belong here or in Starfleet—they cause more problems than they’re worth.”

“Sounds like a praetorian guard.” Heather whispered just loud enough for Liz to hear, “Good for you, honey.”

“I belonged to Nova Squadron.” Terrence declared proudly, “A lot of good cadets have belonged to it—many commanding starships now.”

“Oh…” Jadzia interjected, coming to her roommate’s defense, “…no one’s debating that. But…you have to admit, it’s not good for morale to have a group that enjoys special privileges.

“And has additional responsibilities” Terrence pointed out and then apologized, “But let’s not argue. Looks like neither of us is going to persuade the other, so, why don’t we agree to disagree?”

“Fair enough.” Liz grinned and then, turning towards Heather, asked, “So…what are your plans for this weekend?”

“Well…” Heather replied, giving Liz a look both flirtatious and inviting, “Raul and I are planning on going to Paris—why don’t you join us?”

“Hmmm…” Liz vocalized, “I don’t want to intrude.”

“You’re not intruding.” Heather replied as her hand caressed Liz’s thigh under the table. “Join us.”

“Ok.” Liz smiled, feeling the heat of the redhead’s touch on her leg and remembering what Sandy had told her about going with her feelings. “If it’s really all right with both of you. I’d love to.”

“It’s a date then.” Heather said as she gave Liz a departing kiss. “I’ve got to go now…looks like it’s going to rain soon.”

“Good idea.” Terrence said as he looked up at the clouds.

“Yeah.” Liz smiled back and returned Heather’s kiss, “I’ll see you and Raul this weekend.”

“Well…” Jadzia grinned, speaking to Terrence and Liz, “We better get back. Liz, why don’t you go on ahead. Me and Terrence’ll clean up.”

“You sure?” Liz asked, and then seeing Jadzia’s slight nod and raised eyebrow, nodded her head, “Ok…I’ll see you back in our room, Jadz.”

Waiting until her friend was safely out of earshot, Jadzia gave Terrence an apologetic look, “I’m sorry…but Liz has some pretty strong views regarding Nova Squadron and, as you may have noticed, isn’t afraid to express herself.”

“So I saw and heard.” Terrence nodded his head with a chuckle, and then changed the subject, “Are her and Heather…”

“I guess Liz has worked that and a few other issues she’s had out.” Jadzia answered. Seeing the wistful as well as concerned and confused expression on her companion’s face, Jadzia gave him a sympathetic look, “Without revealing too much information, Terrence, let’s just say that Liz’s love life is pretty complicated right now and leave it at that, ok?”

“Ok…” Terrence drawled as he and Jadzia cleaned the table. Sighing, he remarked, “I get the feeling she is one complex woman.”

“Heh….” Jadzia snorted as she took the young ensign’s arm in hers, “You have no idea.”


“So…how was Paris?” Jadzia asked as her roommate breezed into the room wearing a dark blue stylish long dress slit on one side up to the thigh and with matching high heel shoes and a diamond necklace.

“C’est bon…C’est magnifique!” Liz gushed. Then after taking off her shoes and slipping them under her bed, she made her way to the replicator and ordered a mimosa.

“That good, huh?” Jadzia chuckled. “So…I take it some more issues got resolved.”

“Oh yeah.” Liz practically purred as she reclined cat-like on her bed and sipped her mimosa. “It’s like whole new worlds are opening up to me, Jadzia. Sight, sound, smell, touch, taste…pleasure.”

“Yeah…well…” Jadzia pointed, “Don’t forget…we’ve got finals coming up.”

Her smile vanishing, Liz nodded her head, “You’re right, Jadz. Finals and then the end of year talent show—and then…” She sighed, “Home for leave.”

“Well…” Jadzia suggested, “Maybe you’ll be able to work things out with your father while you’re home.”

“I hope so, Jadz.” Liz said as she closed her eyes and then opened them. “I want to.” Taking a deep breath, she exhaled, “After I finish this…” She said as she sipped her mimosa, it’s time to get out of my party clothes and back into work mode. Gotta make sure I ace Hanson’s Operational Strategy final and S’Von’s big exam and get in workout time for both the show and Sandy’s project. No rest for the weary.” She joked as she downed the last of her mimosa, and then, changing back to Academy dress, went back to work.


“That was a novel solution to Captain S’Von’s problem, Liz.” Michael Owens praised as he and Liz enjoyed a cup of coffee in the galley between classes. “I’m curious though…how were you able to get the Gorn to agree to cede Mytilene VI? They normally don’t like to leave a planet once they’ve claimed it.”

“Well…” Liz smiled, “I did some research and discovered that Corallys III had ruins in which the buildings exhibited what was apparently Gorn architectural styles. I presented that evidence to the Gorn and we worked out an even swap.”

“I think I see…” Michael nodded his head. “Corallys III has nothing of significance to the Federation, but would be considered holy by the Gorn, while Mytilene VI was at the limits of the Gorn Hegemony’s reach and was a bit too cool for them anyway, while also possessing valuable resources that we need. Everyone thinks they got the better end of the deal. Not bad.”

“So…you ready for finals?” Liz asked.

“About as ready as I’m ever going to be.” Michael replied and then asked, “So…what song are you going to dance to at the talent show?”

Flashing a wicked grin, Liz answered back, “Sorry, Michael…you’re going to have to find out with everyone else.”


“Are you sure you want to do this, Sandy?” Liz asked as she and her lover enjoyed a coffee together at Vicenzo’s.

“Yeah.” Liz’s Junoesque lover replied, taking the blonde cadet’s hand in hers. “This project’s as much yours as mine—I couldn’t have done it without you. It’s only right that we share the credit.” She then put on a mock stern expression, “I insist.”

“Oh, all right!” Liz chuckled. “So…” She asked, “When will we be ready to roll it out?”

“Whenever you are.” Sandy responded with a smile.

“Hmmm…how about after exams.”

“Works for me.” Sandy exclaimed. “I’ll set it up and we’ll do it.”

“Great!” Liz beamed as she caressed her lover’s thigh, “So…I hear Jason’s coming over.”

“Yeah…” Sandy purred, “Why don’t you join us too. We’ll go out…have dinner and drinks…and…whatever…”

“Sounds good…” Liz murmured, “So long as Jason’s cool with it.”

Giggling, Sandy gave her lover a quick kiss, “It was his idea, silly.”

“Guess I’ll see you then.” Liz smiled as she got up and gave Sandy a goodbye kiss, “Now though…I’ve got to get back—classes await.”


“You’re on next, girl!” Renee said as she adjusted the long black robe with a high cowl that Liz would wear as she made her way through the audience, seats set up to resemble a night club, to the front of the stage where she would begin her dance.

“Knock ‘em dead Lizzy, love. Jason cheered from backstage where all the rest of Liz’s artist friends, along with Jadzia were gathered to support her.

“You got this, baby.” Sandy encouraged, giving her a good luck kiss on the lips, an act repeated by all the others in Liz’s little circle.

“Kill, ‘em, Liz.” Jadzia said as she gave her roommate and friend a thumb up and kiss on the cheek.

Captain Hanson, serving as master of ceremonies for the show, came on stage after the act before Liz’s had finished. “Let’s have a round of applause for Cadet Grierson—didn’t he make standup comedy look easy?” Waiting until the audience had finished its applause, the captain’s face widened into a bright smile, “And now, here’s Cadet Shelby performing a dance to a medley of jazz tunes. Cadet Shelby!”

On hearing her cue, Liz strode to the front, her bearing proud and regal, looking this way and that at the people in the audience, flashing them all with a bright smile. Then, facing her spectators, she opened up the robe and let it drop to reveal a black dance leotard with skirt and a red sash with a silver medallion crossing her chest. As the music began to play she snapped her fingers and then danced.

Thrusting a hip here, a suggestive flirt with the shoulder there, then a coy glance she turned and kicked and danced across the floor until she came to the table where Terrance and Captain Hanson were sitting, Picking up a flattened top hat that had been set earlier as a prop, Liz put it on her head and then flirted with the two officers with her facial expressions and shoulders and then, popping the hat up, used it as a prop as she danced to the table where Michael Owens and Amaya Donners were sitting where she again flirted and tossing the top hat in the air and catching it, put it on Michael’s head as she picked up another cap, an old-style soldier’s combination cap, and used it as a prop as she twirled and danced and kicked some more until with a final flourish of twirls and kicks, the stage was lit to reveal a band with a piano. Liz then leaped up on the piano and reclining, kicked up her legs to end the show.

Getting off the piano, Liz bowed to the loud applause as Captain Hanson came out. Whispering low so that only she could hear, the captain murmured, “You almost gave this old man a heart attack.” Then aloud, he announced, “Let’s hear it again for Cadet Shelby!”

Liz drank in the applause until she got the signal to leave the stage. Making a graceful exit, Liz ran to her lovers who all hugged her and gave her kisses.

“You killed it, girl!” Heather grinned as Raul hugged them both. Then Jason kissed Liz and whispered something in her ear that made the lovely blonde cadet giggle.

Then Sandy kissed her and whispered, “Didn’t I tell you that you were going to kick ass.”

“Good show, Liz.” Renee praised as Jadzia came up and hugged her friend.

“So…” Sandy’s lips turned up in a lascivious grin, “Party at my place?”

“I’m in.” Liz replied in a sultry voice as she winked at her lovers. Then turning to Jadzia and Renee, she asked, “You girls coming? You’re more than welcome.”

“No thanks.” Renee winked back, “My hubby would have a fit.”

Glancing at Terrence sitting at the table, Jadzia gave Liz a wink and a smirk, “I think I’m going to see if I can make some plans of my own for tonight. You all have fun and don’t keep my roomie out too long—we’ve got finals coming up soon.”

“Ok, mommy!” Liz chuckled as she and the others in her circle waved and made their exit from the holosuite that served as the venue for tonight’s show. “We’ll be good!”

“So…Liz whispered so that only her lovers could hear, “How bad are we going to be?”


“Hey Jadzia—I did it! Almost a perfect average for the term and highest honors on the Commandant’s List! Levine and G’aarvan gave me A minuses.” She pouted, “Levine never gives A’s and G’aarvan still hasn’t gotten over how I solved his stupid exercise.”

“Well…your father should still be pleased.” Jadzia commented.

“Yeah.” Liz smiled and then hugged her friend, “We both busted our butts this term.”

“Yeah”, Jadzia grinned, “I made the List too. And…” She crossed her fingers, “If all goes well, the Symbiote Commission will be happy enough to fast track me for a host.”

“So…” Liz asked, “What sort of plans are you making for the break?”

“I’m going to Trill—see my family…you know…the usual.” She smiled.

“Yeah, I know.” Liz smiled back.

“Been a hell of a year, hasn’t it, Jadz…” A wistful expression crossed her face as she once again hugged her friend, “I couldn’t have done it without you.”

“We did it together.” Jadzia replied as she hugged her friend back.

“Congratulations, dragam!” Anna Shelby clapped her hands in delight at her daughter’s success. “So, when are you coming back home?”

“Tomorrow.” Liz smiled, “Me and my…friends…are having a little end of the year party tonight to celebrate the end of my plebe year and the big roll out of a project Sandy and I had been working on.”

“Oh…what sort of project, lany?”

“It’s great, anya!” Liz exclaimed, but you have to see it.” She then paused for a moment and then asked, “Is David home?”

“Yeah, dear.” Anna replied.

“Well then, why don’t the two of you transport over and see it?”

“I’d love to…wait…give me a moment…” She left and came back moments later with David.

“Hey, Sport!” The newly promoted captain of the Invincible greeted, “Heard you made highest honors.”

“Sure did, Dave.” Liz grinned back. “Got A minuses in Levine’s and G’aarvan’s classes though I did pull an A out of S’Von.”

“Hey…” David grinned, “No one gets and A out of Levine and as for G’aarvan…” His smile vanished, “I’ve seen what the Cardassians do—I’d have done the same thing you did.”

“Thanks, David.” Liz smiled, “So…you coming with mom?”

“I wouldn’t miss this for the universe, Sport.” David smiled back.

“Mom…” Liz asked, “Do you think Dad can make it?”

“I don’t think so, dragam.” Anna answered, “He won’t be able to make it to Earth until after tomorrow, I’m afraid.”

“That’s ok.” Liz replied, “It’s not his fault, he can’t do anything about that. But at least I’ll be able to see him during the break. So…when can I expect you two over?”

“When do you want us?” Anna answered back.

“Well…” Liz smiled, “I figure if you can make it early enough, you can join me and Sandy for dinner. Jason’s got to give a concert—jerks at Julliard scheduled it for the same day, but he’s transporting over as soon as he can afterwards. At least you’ll be able to meet Sandy. You’ll love her.” Liz gushed.

“I’m sure we will, Sport.” David responded with a smile.

“We’ll see you soon, lany! Anna exclaimed.
“I love you both!” Liz said as she ended the transmission.


“J. P.!” David Shelby called out as he greeted his fellow starship captain.

“David!” Captain Hanson waved back and then approached to join the elder Shelby sibling and his and Liz’s mother, “Anna!” He greeted with a friendly hug and kiss on the cheek. “So…how have you all been?”

“Couldn’t be better.” David replied as Anna nodded her head.

“And Philip?"

“Dad’ll be home in a few days.” David responded, “So…I hear Liz is knocking ‘em dead.”

“In more ways than one.” Captain Hanson replied, shaking his head as he smiled at Anna, “I don’t know how your girl does it. She’s acing her courses, dances up a storm and still finds the time to do something like this.” He then added in a cautionary tone, “Sometimes though, I think she lets her drive and ambition get the better of her.”

“Yeah.” Anna nodded her head, understanding the reason for Liz’s striving. “I worry about her too.”

“Well…” J. P. grinned, “We better get to our seats, the show’s about to start.

Also taking seats in the outdoor arena were Liz’s fellow cadets and friends: Jason Aubrey, Amaya Donners, and Michael Owens, along with Terrence Glover; while backstage, Jadzia and the other artists that had become part of Liz’s little circle were gathered, all offering their support for both Liz and Sandy.

“Well…Liz…” Sandy smiled, “Ready?”

Smiling back, Liz replied, “Let’s do this”

A hush fell over the concert area as the stage was darkened. Then the three-dimensional holographic colors, shapes, and textures interwove into a tapestry as the music began to play, low and serene, and then Liz came out, her body painted in a multitude of colors and designs, all complementing and blending with the forms and colors of the images as dancer, music, and images all came together in a seamless whole. As Liz performed, not a sound was uttered until, her performance completed, the outdoor arena erupted in applause for both artists.

“We did it!” Sandy raved as she hugged and kissed Liz and then everyone else back stage as Liz did the same.

“You nailed it, loves.” Jason remarked, “I just managed to catch the last third or so, but it was stupendous.”

“Thanks, babe.” Liz smiled as she kissed the handsome English musician.

“So…Jadz?” Liz said as, donning a bathrobe, she approached her friend.

“You were…” The lovely Trill shook her head, “That was…”

“It was beautiful.”

Turning towards a familiar sounding female voice, Liz smiled warmly, “Anya! Did you really like it?”

“I loved it, dragam.” Anna smiled. “And your father’s going to love it too when he sees the vid.”

“You were great, Sport.” David added, giving his baby sister a hug.

“That’s the second time you nearly gave me a heart attack, young woman.” Captain Hanson smiled. “I just hope Starfleet’s not going to lose you to the arts.”

“It’s not, Sir.” Liz smiled back. “I love dancing, but my heart’s…” She tilted her head up at the stars, “Up there…in Starfleet.”

“Glad to hear it.” Terrence Glover smiled.

“Same here.” Michael Owens and Amaya Donners chimed in.

“Great performance.” Jason Aubrey praised, “Both of you…I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it before.”

“Thanks everyone.” Liz smiled as she looked on at her family, friends, and lovers, “It was a great first year…I wonder what’s in store for the second.”

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