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Pomparath Nebula: Romulan Star Empire

Rellas and Onorok stumbled into the council chamber at the rear of the Soldiers of Akarath's asteroid base. Lucretia, her face crossed with worry lines, worked diligently on a computer terminal.

"How did it go?" she asked the group. She didn't look up from her work.

"We hit the supply depot in the Terashnar system," Rellas said rubbing his exhausted eyes. "The Romulan garrison on the orbiting security platform mobilized, but we were able to fight our way out just in time."

"Did you manage to get any of the food or medical supplies we needed?" Lucretia asked hopefully.

"We were able to load six crates onto the shuttles before we escaped," Tulan answered.

"Six crates?" Lucretia yelled "Six crates won't last us one week!"

"I'm sorry," Onorok said raising his head to look at her. "We were too busy trying to get out of there with our lives to get your shopping list completed!"

"Shopping list?" Lucretia said still fuming. "Do you think this is all a joke? We now have almost a thousand people living under our care. They need food! They need aide! We don't have the energy or replicator capacity to keep them from starving to death without those supplies."

"I thought that we were fighting for our freedom," Onorok replied. "Not running a homeless shelter for ex-slaves!"

"Fine," Lucretia said throwing her hands up. "Why don't we just put swords in the hands of all the children and tell them to fend for themselves. That would really bring more people to our cause…"

"It might!" Onorok shouted back. "That more than telling them they have nothing to look forward to other than sitting inside an asteroid and waiting to die."

"I've been telling you for months we need to pick more lucrative targets," Lucretia said turning back to her computer.

"And how do you suggest we attack them?" Onorok replied. "More Romulan soldiers arrive every week from Cardassia."

"This is pointless!" Rellas said holding up his hand to silence them. "Onorok, we have to find a way to care for those people out there. They have no place else to go and it is our duty to protect them. And Lucretia, Onorok is right. If we get too reckless with our attacks, our limited forces will be destroyed and this whole uprising will be for naught."

"Then what do we do?" Lucretia replied. "We can't keep living like this. We're barely surviving."

"That is the million bar of latinum question…" Rellas muttered. "Senator Trallian sent me a message that the Senate is still mired in debate about the best way to destroy us. However, he thinks it's only a matter of time until the hardliners convince the Continuing Committee to act more aggressively. I can't think of anything else but to ask the Federation and Klingons for more help. We've met their terms and more."

"Ha!" Onorok scoffed. "The Federation and the Klingons. Do you really think they care about us? All they want is for us to fight the Romulans for them."

"Have faith in Kahless, old friend," Rellas said placing a hand on Onorok's shoulder. "If we continue to serve him honorably, we will find victory."

Alarms echoed through the stone chamber.

"What is it?" Rellas said jumping to his feet and running over to Lucretia. Onorok quickly followed.

"Our sentry ships on the periphery of the nebula have detected three Romulan warbirds decloaking. They are proceeding at full impulse straight towards our location!" she said.

"Do you know what this means?" Onorok said turning to Rellas as his eyes filled with real terror. Rellas' answer was barely above a whisper:

"They've found us…"

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