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Andoria: Federation Space

Tigranian sauntered over to his replicator and began mindlessly searching through the menu again. The fire was back on the holoscreen. He was still pretty sore from his fight with Katie, but Doctor Katan had managed to fix all of the major damage and repair his nose.

"Oooo," Tigranian said staring at the screen. "Hot buttered rum…" Tigranian grabbed his drink and went back to the couch. He was in a reasonably good mood. At least he managed to get Scharr out of the engine room and to his home for a few days before the Pershing left the system. At least one member of the crew would get to spend Christmas with their family, even if Andorians didn't actually celebrate Christmas. Katie was in higher spirits and Tigranian and Annabeth had convinced Phil to spend the holiday with Katie hiking the holographic Swiss Alps.

"Computer," he said once again grabbing Rijo for company. "Current date and time on Earth."

"Specify calendar and time zone."

Tigranian rolled his eyes.

"Gregorian Calendar, Coordinated Universal Time…same as always."

"The current time at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, United Kingdom, Earth is 0000 Hours, Sunday, 25 December, 2377."

Tigranian smiled.

"Midnight," he said taking a sip of rum punch. "Merry Christmas," he said raising his glass towards the wedding portrait hanging on the wall. "I love you, wherever you are."

The doorbell chimed. He furrowed his brow as he wondered who could be bothering him at this time of night. He pushed off the couch and walked to the front of his quarters. The captain forgot he was still holding Rijo. The doorbell chimed again.

"Hold on!" he shouted. "I'm coming."

He pressed the button and the panels parted. He froze.

Laria stood there with a giant grin on her face, one of her arms balancing four rokeg blood pies wrapped in metal foil.

"Merry Christmas," she said looking him in the eyes. Without a word, he wrapped her up in his arms and kissed her. They stood there for a few moments before Tigranian clandestinely raised Rijo next to her face.

"Rijo!" she said pulling back surprised.

"Merry Christmas. I love you…snort, snort," Tigranian said in a silly voice.

"Come here you," she said as she grabbed her pugabeast and hobbled inside their quarters while leaning on her cane.

"What happened!?" Tigranian said in shock.

"Don't worry, just a little misunderstanding. I'm gonna go to sickbay in the morning and get it fully healed."

"Someone hobbled you and you couldn't call once?" Tigranian said crossing his arms.

"Eh, I was a little busy," she said dismissively while putting the blood pies on the side board. She mounted her mek'leths on the wall, threw her bag on the couch, and plopped down in a heap. Tigranian rolled his eyes before sitting down next to her "Hey you," she said before planting a peck on his cheek. He pulled her close.

"I'm just glad you're home, and your timing couldn't be better," he said as she rested her head on his shoulder.

"I can work magic sometimes," she smirked. "By the way, Torlek and Elessa send their love…and pie."

"Both are appreciated," he chuckled. "How was the trip? Did you get to the bottom of things?"

"Yeah, we took care of it," she replied innocently.

"Any issues?" he asked.

"Nothing major, I'll tell you about it tomorrow," she said with a yawn. "Right now, I just want to lie here for a while."

"Ok," Tigranian said kissing the top of her forehead. He looked over to the wall, saw all their blades back in their proper places, and smiled as he realized all was right with the galaxy.

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