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Subik System: Klingon Frontier

Torlek and Trall ran up to the QLC already stacked outside the main entrance to Toral's house. Laria limped up behind them.

"Situation?" Trall asked his assistant Qas DevwI', a woman named Sharkana.

"Most of the veQ escaped inside," she said grasping her disruptor. "We don't believe Toral has fled, but there are at least seventy warriors beyond these doors and our power packs are almost drained."

"Since when has that ever stopped a Klingon?" Laria asked. Trall and Sharkana glanced at each other before looking back at the Bajoran.

"Are you really that anxious to die today?" Sharkana said to Laria. She looked over to Torlek and then back at the QLC.

"Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam," Laria replied. Torlek smiled with approval.

"Very well," Trall chuckled to her. "I would be honored to share a blood wine with Laria, Daughter of Amira at Kahless' table tonight. Sergeant Sharkana!" he shouted.

His assistant signaled for another QLC to approach with an explosive breaching charge. The commando fastened the device to the outside of the wooden doors and set the detonator. The seven remaining warriors braced against the outside wall. Torlek nodded to Trall who held up his fist to the team.

"wa'…cha'…wej…baH!" he shouted. The explosive blasted the colossal wooden door from its hinges and sent it careening into the manor. The seven warriors charged forward. As soon as they cleared the smoky hazy of the explosion, they stopped cold. Inside was a foyer with a wraparound balcony. A few meters in front of them, a stone staircase led up to a second story hallway. Every centimeter of space was packed with one of Duras' warriors. They simultaneously raised their disruptor rifles which all sounded with an ominous "CLICK."

"Well, that didn't work…" Sharkana muttered. Trall actually reared his head back and roared with laughter.

"I'm glad you fools find this funny," a voice sounded from the top of the steps. A few of the warriors parted to reveal a short Klingon with a wiry mustache. His armor was different than the others. His fur undershirt was red and he wore a chain mail and leather sash with the House of Duras' crest.

"Toral, Son of Duras," Torlek said staring up at the traitor. "We meet at last."

"And it couldn't be under better circumstances," Toral said with a grin as he crossed his arms in front of him. "Five QLC warriors, the Governor of Ty'Gokor, and the alien bitch who murdered my mother….Do I even need to go through the labor of demanding your surrender, or should we just begin the humiliating torture now?" He looked over to Laria, "And you…you little be'voqHa'moH…I have something special planned for you. Tell me, how loudly does a little Bajoran girl scream when she's skinned alive?"

Torlek stepped forward with a scowl on his face. He angrily threw his disruptor to the ground so hard it shattered in five pieces. He then reached up and pulled the sword from his back. The bat'leth shimmered in the orange, flickering light.

"Take one step towards her, and it will be your last," he replied. The other warriors standing next to him all threw down their particle weapons and drew their blades as well. "I have orders to try to take you alive, but I've never been so willing to disobey."

It was Toral's turn to laugh.

"Such defiance!" he said gripping his sides. "It would be noble if it weren't so pathetic. There's seven of you versus an army of my men! What chance do you have?"

Torlek turned the bat'leth in his hand to reveal the dedication inscription on the inner blade. Laria recognized the pIqaD only because it was a Klingon proverb that Daniel used frequently. Now, she knew where he got it:


"There is always a chance"

Laria looked up towards the ceiling of the foyer and saw exactly what she hoped to see. A smile crossed her face as she knew it was time for her surprise.

"You know what's really funny?" Laria shouted up at Toral. "The last name your mother ever got called before I threw a dagger through her heart was a 'moQDu' sucker.' However, I don't think that was entirely accurate," she said cocking her head to one side. "She was also a 'Cousin Qu'vatlhwI'' You tell me, Toral," she said imitating his earlier threat. "Do you even have a loDjan or does an inbred little forshak like you have to piss sitting down?"

The other six warriors turned to Laria as their jaws dropped. Several of Toral's own men had to fight back laughter. At the top of the stairs, Toral shook with utter rage.


"Not this time," Laria said shaking her head. "You see, I'm not only the alien bitch who murdered your mother…I'm also a scientist."

Laria reached down and pressed a button on her tricorder.

"Only a fool fights in a burning house…"

The code she embedded in the compound's computer system activated the building's fire suppression system. Minus 150 degree halon gas poured from nozzles in the ceiling directly onto Toral's men. It sucked the oxygen out of their lungs and instantly frostbit any exposed flesh. They shrieked with surprise and pain. Toral himself started choking and gagging. His viceroy standing a few paces behind grabbed him and pulled him towards a rear exit.

"My lord!" the ghIntaq screamed to Toral. "We must leave now or you'll end up like your aunts!" The pair bolted down a hallway.

"He's getting away!" Torlek shouted. "HIv!" The mighty seven charged forward swinging bat'leths, mek'leths, and d'k tahgs. Arms, legs, and torsos went flying in all directions as Torlek, Laria, and their QLC companions sliced through the crowd in front of them like a scythe through quadrotriticale. A few of the Duras were foolish enough to throw down their weapons in surrender. They fell even faster.

Torlek led the way up the staircase swinging his bat'leth like Fek'lhr's battle axe. So many enemy heads clattered down the stone steps it sounded like the beating of drums. Laria was right behind, limping with every step, but still using her mek'leths to slash at any attacker who managed to dodge Torlek's punishing blows. She gazed up at her brother-in-law and for a brief moment allowed herself to marvel at the sight. He was like a massive rock fighting against an angry sea. His matted hair, dripping with sweat, swung around his head like angry snakes. His armor glistened with the blood of his enemies as he roared like a sabre bear ripping its prey to shreds. Torlek looked like a hero straight of out of ancient myth and legend. No matter how many bewildered and frightened foes charged him at once, he cut them down like chaff.

"My Lord!" Trall shouted from behind Laria. "Go! Get the traitor! We will hold them off!"

Trall, Sharkana, and two other QLC rushed passed Torlek and started carving a path. A lone warrior protected their rear. Torlek grabbed Laria, lifted her off the ground, and plowed through the enemies towards the doorway at the top of the stairs. He sprinted down a hallway and emerged at the rear of the manor house. A rooftop shuttle pad housed a small orbital craft that Toral's viceroy was prepping for takeoff. Toral himself stood at the base of the ship's ramp screaming for him to hurry up. He was twenty meters away, well out of range of Torlek's sword.

"TRAITOR!" Torlek shouted loud enough to be heard in Gre'thor. He was breathing so hard, he could barely stand. "Come and face me! You were too much of a bIHnuch to die with your men, but now look upon your executioners!"

Toral spun around and leered at Torlek. When he saw him, the Son of Duras drew a disruptor pistol from his belt and fired. Laria's eyes grew wide as she saw the green blast flying directly at Torlek's heart. The old man tried to move but his tired legs couldn't evade fast enough. The world slowed down for Laria as she watched the scene as if outside her body. Instinct once again gripped her and she lunged forward. She tackled Torlek and pushed him to the ground as the disruptor blast came so close to her head, it singed the hair on the back of her neck. They collapsed to the ground together.

She looked up to see a snarling Toral turn towards the shuttle. His ghIntaq had already initiated the flight sequence and the ramp started to rise. She realized that they were about to lose him and her disruptor was gone. Laria pushed herself off Torlek, grasped a mek'leth in her right hand, and uttered a prayer.

"Guide my blade…"

She heaved her weapon as hard as she could. It arched high, spinning end over end, and buried itself in the traitor's back. He squealed as he collapsed to the ground. The shuttle ramp closed, and the viceroy lifted off without his lord. The blast of its thrusters rushed over Laria as the ship climbed towards orbit, but she smiled as she knew the Dri'goth was waiting for him.

Laria turned around and rushed to Torlek's side.

"Torlek!" she shouted shaking him. "Torlek!" He groaned as he pushed himself upright.

"Did he get away?" the old Klingon said regretfully.

"Not quite," Laria replied looking towards Toral. The traitor was still alive, flapping like a dying fish. Torlek's lip curled and he climbed to his feet. He march over and knelt down at the side of the Son of Duras. Torlek began to reach for the handle of her mek'leth sticking out of Toral's back.

"What are you doing?" Laria asked painfully stumbling up beside him.

"What the Son of Mogh should have done a decade ago…"

Laria shut her eyes and looked away. Toral screamed as Torlek sliced open his chest and cut out his beating heart. When the Dri'goth returned after dispatching the viceroy, the Son of Ro'vagh placed the organ in a stasis container for the trip back to Qo'noS. Chancellor Martok wanted it for his dinner table.

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