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Mokrab Expanse: Republic of Cardassia/Cardassian State Border

The Pershing stared across the border at a Galor class Cardassian cruiser.

"The Yodorost is signaling they're ready for transport," Chief Carter said from the transporter console.

"Well, Captain," Norbah said to Tigranian. "Thank you for the hospitality, but all things considered, I'm happy to going home. My wife and children are beside themselves."

"Best of luck to you and your crew, Captain," Tigranian said shaking his hand. "I hope your next ship is better than your last."

"Hopefully, we'll never have to stare at each other again with weapons charged," Norbah replied with a bit of gallows humor.

"Seconded," Tigranian replied. Norbah motioned for the rest of his compatriots to join him on the transporter pad. Jedras and Sora walked up next.

"Captain Tigranian," Jedras said. "You and your ship are very professional. However, I would advise you to never step foot in the Romulan Empire again. I doubt the authorities would be patient enough to find out you're not actually a criminal."

"Goodbye, Jedras," Laria said shaking his hand.

"Thank you for your help in our research, Lieutenant," he said shaking back. He stepped up onto the transporter pad to join the Cardassians. Tigranian clandestinely reached into his pocket.

"Captain Tigranian, Laria," Sora said. "Jolan Tru."

"Goodbye, Sora," Laria said giving her a quick embrace. Tigranian held out his hand. She reached for it and felt the micro-transmitter in Tigranian's palm. She wrapped her hands around the device and then placed it into her robes without the others noticing. Then, she stepped onto the transporter.

"I hope you don't take this the wrong way," Tigranian said to the assembled group, "but I hope to stop meeting people from your countries like this."

"Oh no, Captain Tigranian," Sora replied. "I doubt you've heard the last from the Romulan Empire."

The telling grin on her face made him smirk back in her direction.

"Chief," Tigranian said. "Energize."

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