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Amira Homestead: Gault, Federation Space

Stardate: 53401.7

"I'm so nervous," Crestia said wiping her sweaty palms on the sides of her skirt. The young Elohsian stared down at the computer terminal set up on the wooden dining room table in the Amira's home. "There's no way they're going to say 'yes'," she stammered between shallow, nervous breaths. "People work their entire lives for this and I'm so behind."

"They would be fools not to 'yes'," Lanassa said waving her hands in the air. "If they say 'no' they are not good enough for you anyways."

"And you can always try again next year," Jion added with a reassuring hand on her shoulder. "There's no rush."

"But she will not have to wait because they are going to say 'yes,'" Lanassa grumbled at her husband in Bajoran. Jion looked over to his wife and gave her a nervous look. He admired his wife's confidence, but he knew Crestia was right. When she first arrived at their home a year ago, she could barely read. Lanassa would spend hours at night by the fire teaching her. They began with letters, moved onto picture books, and finally finished a novel together. Then, they practiced arithmetic, history, and basic science. Crestia was determined to rise above her tortured beginnings as a slave, and she knew that started with the education Selonia and the Romulans denied her.

Luckily, she possessed a gifted mind that was up to the challenge. In only one year, she had progressed from elementary school to earning her Federation Secondary School Equivalency Certificate. Now, she would see if all her work paid off.

"Just open it, Crestia-ga-ne," Lanassa said stroking Crestia's dark hair.

Crestia took a deep breath, logged into the computer, and selected the icon that stated she had a new message. A large, official crest appeared on the screen. With a trembling hand she scrolled down and read the words beneath it:


Washington, District of Columbia, Earth


Crestia (daughter of) Lucretia:


It gives me great pleasure to inform you that you have been accepted as a member of the undergraduate Class of 2381. This year's process was extremely competitive as we received over 400,000 applications for a freshman class of only 3500. However, the strength of your application makes us believe you will become a valued part of our school's unique history and legacy…

Crestia froze and placed her palms flat on the table.

"I got in…" she said softly.

"You got in!" Jion shouted with joy.

"Of course she got in!" Lanassa replied grinning from ear to ear. "I never had any doubts! Thank you Prophets! The Prophets are good!" Lucretia bent over and planted two kisses on her cheeks.

"I have never been so happy to have two daughters who are smarter than I am!" Jion said turning towards the Bajoran eternity wheel on the far wall and raising his hands in grateful supplication. He began muttering a prayer in Bajoran.

It was the first time that Jion ever directly referred to Crestia as his child. Even though she loved her mother trapped back in the Romulan Empire, she somehow felt that Jion and Lanassa were now her parents as much as she was. It just felt right.

"I'm going to college!" Crestia said loudly as the good news began to sink in. She pushed back from the table and jumped to her feet. "I'M GOING TO COLLEGE!" she shouted joyfully jumping up and down.

The three elated individuals joined hands and shouted loud enough to shake the wooden rafters.

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