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DS9 Level Sixteen/Docking Ring

"Two merchants and one of your Marines said a man fitting the description of Circ was seen on this level within the past ten minutes," Odo said to Gibbs.

Odo, Gibbs and three security officers went counterclockwise off the turbolift, while Kira, DiNozzo, McGee and Officer Lira went clockwise.

Gibbs and Odo's team arrived at the port where the NCIS team's craft was docked and found another security officer lying unconscious on the floor.

"Knocked out by a blow to the head," Odo surmised as he hit his com badge. "Doctor Bashir. One to beam directly to sick bay, my coordinates."

"Understood," came Bashir's voice from the com badge, and a moment later Gibbs saw someone transported away for the first time in his life. The agent pushed the tiny bit of curiosity about the transportation event from his mind and refocused on Circ.

"One of your Marines should be here, according to Bajor's agreement with your United Nations," Odo said. "Where is he?"

"How many hiding places does this level have?" Gibbs said.

"Too many for my comfort," Odo said. "Especially since this man is for whatever reason damned impossible to trace by our sensors."

"Did you understand Lieutenant Dax's explanation?"

"I know every centimeter of this station and how things work. On occasion, though, her and Chief O'Brien's technobabble, as you might say, goes over my head. Somehow I think you can relate."

Gibbs chuckled. "Yeah, I can. You think he's still on this level?"

"Undoubtedly. We have all the access points covered. Circ would have to shoot himself out an airlock to evade us."

"Or steal a ship," Gibbs said as Kira's team caught up with them. "We found one of your Marines 50 meters or so from here," she said. "I had him beamed directly to sick bay. He's alive, but unconscious."

"Same for my officer who we found here, in the same condition," Odo said as he tapped his com badge.

"Do you think we found this Circ guy?" DiNozzo asked, nodding towards the docking port connecting their ship to the station.

Odo looked at Kira, and both looked back at Gibbs.

"He's a glorified package deliverer and a musclehead who I'm guessing couldn't fly one of these ships any better than I could," Gibbs said. "He's also a murderer and desperate to get off the station."

"Just about every ship docked on DS9 has crews more than capable of taking care of themselves, including your own," Kira said to Gibbs. "What I were do if I were in his situation would be to find what I thought to be the weakest ship and hijack it."

"That ship being the early 21st century Earth equivalent of a Warp Three-capable shuttle," Odo surmised. "He might think that crew would be easy to overpower."

"And if he realized the security was stronger than anticipated, he'd put up a fight if he thought a Marine and Bajoran were blocking his ride off this station," DiNozzo said. "According to that agreement with the U.N., a national officer who can pilot the ship is required to be on board at all times."

"But only one," David said. "He either is threatening the pilot with a weapon or the pilot is incapacitated."

"He couldn't kill the pilot, right?" McGee asked. "Unless he can fly the ship, or get the computer to fly it for him."

"He'd still have to contact Operations for permission to disembark, which he wouldn't get with the station on lockdown and everyone looking for him," Kira said. "If he managed to get away without destroying himself and the ship, our tractor beam would bring him back."

"And if he used the pilot as a hostage, that pilot would be prepared to take a bullet rather than give up the ship," Gibbs said.

Kira had O'Brien open the docking rings remotely from Ops, and the first thing everyone noticed was the inside of the craft.

"Cockpit's to the immediate right of the entrance, cabin to the left," Gibbs said. "He's got five hiding places: cockpit, cabin, the head, the galley and a small cargo bay in the rear."

"My people and I are familiar with the schematic of the vessel," Odo said. "If possible, we take him alive."

"If possible," Gibbs replied. They moved into the airlock, weapons drawn.

"Circ! Come out peacefully, give up your weapon and you'll get out of this alive," Odo yelled. He dodged a phaser blast, hiding behind the frame on one side of the circular doors.

At a nod from Gibbs, his agents and Odo's people covered him, Kira and Odo while they ran into the middle section of the airlock. DiNozzo, David and Lina followed behind them as they moved into the front section.

"Circ, it's over!" Gibbs yelled. "You try to shoot your way out of this one you won't make it." Circ's response was a phaser blast from the cabin into the cockpit.

Before Odo or Kira could stop him, Gibbs ran into the Marine craft. He looked briefly into the cockpit and saw the pilot dead in his seat. When Gibbs turned to his left and looked in the cabin, he saw Circ in the back, wearing a shirt with the Alliance for Global Unity circle imprinted on the chest, and brandishing a Glyrhond in his right hand and a phaser in his left hand.

"Put the guns down now," Gibbs said as Odo, Kira and DiNozzo entered the ship, aiming their own weapons at the killer. David and McGee went to check on the pilot. "He's dead, Gibbs," David yelled from the cabin.

"Two murders, two Terran officers," Odo said. "It wouldn't be very smart of you to--"

"Do what, alien?" Circ spat. "Stand up for what I believe? Getting aliens like you and these Terrans AND Federation off Bajoran territory?"

"Since when did the Alliance condone murder?" Kira said.

"Are you asking me if I killed that admiral, like I killed that pilot when he wouldn't disembark from this station?" Circ sneered. "I'll answer that: YES."

As he spoke, it seemed to the others that Circ had gone insane, or been possessed by some malevolent force. As the Bajoran rambled on, Odo understood he would not go voluntarily, especially after he threatened to blow a hole in one of the windows.

Gibbs saw Odo's warning glance to let him take the first shot at the now-crazed confessed killer. Gibbs acknowledged Odo with a look while thinking of where to fire without hitting the warp drive.

"This is your final warning, Circ," Odo said. "Otherwise--"

"Silence, you fool," Circ said, darkly. "I will NOT allow myself to be imprisoned by the likes of you--"

"Then let yourself be imprisoned by the likes of ME," Kira interjected. "Bajoran to Bajoran."

"Ah, Major Kira Nerys. The Federation lapdog, second fiddle apparently to this...this THING masquerading as your security officer," Circ said as he turned his weapons to himself. "I would imagine you have questions for me."

"In fact, yes I do. Starting with why murder those men? What did they do to you?"

"Because their being here is against the natural order of things, Major. The wormhole into the Gamma Quadrant's bad enough but at least it takes you to another place within our own galaxy. Our sacred texts say NOTHING about a temporal wormhole and parallel universe. These officers you appear distressed over? WRAITHS! Just like the Terrans alongside you!"

"Sisko to Odo." Circ and everyone else heard the Starfleet commander's voice coming from Odo's com badge. "What is your situation?"

"Commander, we--"

"STARFLEET ALIEN, YOUR SITUATION IS YOU'RE GOING TO NEED BODY BAGS FOR FIVE TRAITORS, ONE ALIEN AND FOUR WRAITHS!" Circ screamed, seemingly crossing the line into complete insanity. He then took the phaser in his left hand and pointed it backwards towards the craft's warp drive.

"Constable Odo, Major Kira, Agent Gibbs," Sisko said. "Do whatever is necessary to end this."

When he heard that, Circ froze. His eyes darted around the room, then on the Glyrhond pistol in his right hand and the phaser on the left. He suddenly seemed uncertain as to what he should do next.

Circ rolled a small capsule with this tongue to his front teeth then bit down on it. Two seconds later he collapsed, and by the time Kira got to him, the killer was dead. His reason or reasons he took his own life died with him.

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