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Security Holding Cell #1

With Sisko dealing with upset ship captains and Odo with testy visitors eager to get off the station, the manhunt for Serk/Circ and Deena took top priority.

Deena was discovered first, hiding in plain sight. She was in the beauty salon for the fourth time when she was found. Instead of the woman with shoulder-length blonde hair in the video, DiNozzo and two security officers found Deena with long, purple hair and in an all leather-like pantsuit, allegedly deciding on whether to shave her head and "reinvent myself Vulcan style".

Inside the holding cell, she sat at one side of a table with her legs crossed, picking at her fingernails and stifling a yawn.

"Wonder if she knows what kind of trouble she's in?" McGee said, as he and others watched her on a video screen in the main office. The cells were acting as interrogation rooms, with observers watching from the adjacent office via surveillance video.

Gibbs and David entered the cell and sat across from Deena, while Kira entered and opted to stand at the side of the table.

Her whining in general and her non-answers to questions quickly grated on the three investigators.

"What's so wrong with changing my look?" she complained. "My MOTHER wore the same damn thing every DAY during the occupation. She and others fought so that their children -- like ME -- could live their lives any way they want! In private!"

Kira, watching with her arms folded, stopped herself three times before she figured out how to say what she wanted to. "That is not...not the main reason we fought--"

"Oh my prophets!" Deena griped. "This is SO ridiculous--"

"YOUNG LADY. I was IN the resistance," she said with barely restrained anger. "You don't seem to know a thing about what we fought for and why we fought. I can tell you stories that would give you nightmares and MAYBE help you see what people like your mother and I went through. Not so you can act like an entitled brat, but that you can live without being made into a comfort woman or shot to death because of WHO YOU ARE."

"Why are you harshing on me, lady? You don't--"

David shot up out of her seat and leaned over the table, taking Deena aback.

"SHE is a warrior who knows what it is like to fight for her freedom against an oppressor," David said. "YOU can learn many things from her and it appears you would definitely benefit by doing so. But, that's not why we're here--"

"Yes. You're from that backwards parallel Earth, aren't you? Why ARE you here, anyway?" Deena asked, forgetting Gibbs and David had explained who they were and why they were on DS9.

Gibbs reminded her why. "Here," he spat, slamming a PADD with the surveillance video of the holosuite onto the table, and a paper photograph of the admiral next to the PADD. "Look familiar?"

"Noooooo," she lied, badly. Deena became more nervous and began rapidly tapping her forefinger on the table.

"Nervous?" David asked.

"NO," Deena blurted. "What's it to you?"

"That," David said, "is a 'tell'. What that is telling me is you are nervous. And you're nervous because you are lying."

"Balikam! How much longer am I going to be here anyway? I've got places--"

Kira's abrupt slamming of her palms onto the table startled Deena and brought a smile to Gibbs, while David was impassive.

"You told her to 'get lost'?!?" said Kira, as she leaned into Deena, who seemed to have had the fear of the prophets put into her. "Right now, you are an accessory to murder--"


"DO NOT interrupt me. Speak when you are spoken to. And look at the damn picture!" Kira took the PADD and slammed it in front of Deena. "Look closely. Anything familiar NOW?"

"Uh...yes. That's, uh, me near one of the holodecks," Deena said sheepishly.

"Now watch the video," David added, "all the way through. Computer, please show both versions of the video on the PADD."

The first version of the video showed Deena walking down the hallway near the holosuite entrance; stopping to speak briefly with Admiral Kelley; and stopping to talk on her hand-held communicator device before walking in the direction she came from.

"What did you two talk about?" Gibbs said, and something in his tone suggested to Deena she had better be completely honest.

"He asked me if that was Holosuite Seven. I said it was, and he asked me what he needed to do to walk in and start the program. I told him, 'walk in, the program begins on its own'. He thanked me, walked in and that's the last I saw of him."

"Not the last anyone ELSE saw of him," Gibbs said as he glanced at Ziva. "Look at that first video again."

"Yes. Computer," Ziva said, "replay the first version of the video at quarter-speed."

The video played but Deena didn't see where it was cut, so David had the computer run the unedited second video. In it, after Deena spoke with the admiral, she began talking on her communicator -- this time, however, a man entered the picture from behind her.

The man, wearing a Bajoran cap and civilian garb, talks briefly with Deena before he entered the holodeck. Ninety-four seconds later, he exited the holosuite, running back the way he arrived. The video showed her resuming talking on her communicator before she turned to leave.

"Tell us what you both talked about," Kira said.

Deena gasped, glanced at all three of the impatient investigators, and exhaled in resignation. "Okay...that's Circ--"

"Spell it," Gibbs said. The translation from Bajoran into Federation Standard and Terran English read Circ.

"Pronounced 'serk'," David said. "Getting back on topic. What did you and Circ talk about?"

"He told me he had something to do and to look out in case anyone other than Fahnor--"

"Fahnor? The other man in the video?" David asked.

"Yes. Fahnor's a trainer at Vince's Gym, on the Promenade. Lives planetside. I met him when I started working for that creep Quark."

"How do you know Circ?" asked Gibbs.

"He comes here regularly for work. He brings product from planetside to the greengrocer...OH! You mean...I met him when I was working out at the gym, after my second day working for that creep. We hit it off and, ah, got close."

"How 'close'?" Gibbs said.

"Slept together a few times, hung out on the Promenade, went planetside to a springball match and a concert," Deena answered.

"And why would he ask you to keep a lookout?" Kira asked. "Is this something you two had previously discussed?"

"No. I had seen him earlier around the promenade, wearing that cap and jacket. You wouldn't necessarily recognize him with that outfit. Circ usually wore short sleeves and no headwear; he liked to show off his physique."

"Can we find him in the database, maybe under another name?" asked Gibbs.

"I don't know...although, I do know he said a few times that he liked his privacy. Another time, I tried to find him with the computer, but couldn't. He ran into ME near the salon; he told me he preferred to stay out of the databases, that part of being Bajoran is the freedom to be ones self, without being surveilled by anyone, including the government."

"Is there anything else you can tell us -- known associates, what he liked to do in his spare time?" David said.

Deena thought for a few moments. "He hung out with Bajorans. I don't think he associated with anyone else. When I told him about Quark, he said it was too bad I couldn't take a formal complaint to a Bajoran -- and he acted cool towards Federation personnel when I saw him in the gym or at the grocer."

"Did he try to get you to join any organizations, or ask you to do something illegal?" Kira asked. Deena shook her head.

"Give us a description of Circ and Fahnor," Gibbs said.

Security Holding Cell #2

As Circ's description circulated around the station, several people -- including Vincent, the Earth-born operator of the gym -- recognized both suspects.

Circ's likeness had not showed up on security video so far; Fahnor, on the other hand, showed up hundreds of times. Fahnor was found hiding on a Dosi ship with a restless crew and a particularly agitated captain who was eager to hand over his stowaway.

Inside the cell, DiNozzo, Gibbs and Kira began their interrogation, with Dax observing from a corner of the room. Fahnor had knowledge helpful to solving the case and was more than eager to share it.

"I knew Circ was trouble from the first day he stepped on the station," said the tall, muscular Bajoran. "He -- how would you Federation people say -- put the moves on Deena. Once after she left, he came up to me in the gym and told me she belonged to him."

"Meaning?" DiNozzo said.

"He considered her to be his woman and he was marking his territory like he marked his possessions with that symbol of his."

"What symbol?" asked Kira. "Describe it for us."

DiNozzo drew on his PADD a circle with what appeared to be an English-language lowercase 'd', with the tall verticle stroke bent to the left just above the loop. Circ reproduced the symbol with a pen-like device using a coloring liquid equivalent to the Earth/Terran color yellow.

"That isn't good," Kira said. "This is the symbol of the Alliance for Global Unity, a group advocating Bajoran isolationism."

"I heard something about that," Fahnor said. "'Bajor for Bajorans'."

"Sounds like the kind of group a xenophobe like Circ would join," DiNozzo said. "Did he ever try to recruit you or anyone else you know into this thing?"

"He didn't say much to me especially after he began seeing Deena. I think he saw me as kind of a rival. I never knew him to be particularly sociable, and when he did so he only did so with Bajorans. He at least would be cordial to me; there were a couple of times when he looked as if he could barely stand the sight of a Federation officer or a non-humanoid."

"When's the last time you saw him?" asked Gibbs. "Think carefully."

Several moments passed as Fahnor racked his brain. "Early on the day the Terran was killed. Circ asked me to be his lookout, told me Deena would be there, too and said he'd owe me a favor. I asked him if they were going into one of the holosuites; he hesitated and said 'sure'."

Fahnor then said Circ told him where to wait and for how long, and when to walk down the corridor. Fahnor walked past Deena and stopped to take a call from his communicator, speaking to his aunt calling from planetside.

When shown the unedited surveillance video, Fahnor was looking away from the holosuite entrance, and swore he didn't notice someone rushing out of the holosuite. As he turned around to leave, the runner was gone. Fahnor walked past Deena as she was using her communicator then, a minute later, turned and walked briskly in the same direction as the runner.

"I intended to get a slice of kuwaly pie for dessert, and I wanted to get a little extra cardio in before going to Quark's," he explained. "I did NOT see Circ after that morning and I definitely did not see a male in that outfit."

They were then interrupted by Odo, Sisko, David and McGee. "Boss, we have a lead on the suspect," McGee said.

"What kind of lead?" Kira asked.

"Red-hot," Sisko replied. "Constable. I believe our Terran friends should have their weapons handy for this part of the investigation."

"Follow me, lady and gentlemen, into the next room," Odo replied. "Mr. Fahnor, you on the other hand get to stay here for a short while longer."

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