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Quark's Bar

Gibbs and the rest of the NCIS team took in the establishment which appeared to them to be a futuristic restaurant, bar, casino and strip club rolled into one.

DiNozzo was the one who made the strip club connection when he saw some of the Dabo girls' outfits. McGee referenced the bar scene from Star Wars. David looked for the Dabo girl from the security video, like Gibbs expected her -- and the others -- to do.

"Pay attention!" Gibbs said as he headslapped DiNozzo and McGee out of their gawking.

As the NCIS team looked for the woman, Kira and Odo looked for the establishment's proprietor. Quark was easy to find, being in the middle of a group of Bajorans and Terrans playing Dabo.

"You never know until you try," Quark said to an uncertain young man, who was one of Ambassador Stewart's aides. "Spin the wheel, my good man! This might just be your lucky day!"

Odo and Kira put their hands firmly on Quark's shoulders. As he noticed their severe expressions, the Ferengi businessman realized he was in hot water. Odo looked as if he was about to boil over while Kira's steely eyes suggested she might shoot him on the spot.

"Ah, Constable, Major! What can I do for the two of you?" Quark said haltingly. "Would you like a free round of Dabo? Or some Terran vanilla creme caramel coffee--"

"To the back. NOW," Odo barked. After glancing back at Kira, Odo, and Sisko who had just arrived, Quark nodded. He found himself running to keep up with Odo, who had a tight hold on Quark's arm.

Quark thought the constable might throw him onto one of the tables in the periphery of the bar's lower level. Instead, Odo stopped and let go of Quark's arm and glared at him while standing at his left.

Sisko and Kira sent away a group from the Gamma Quadrant sitting at a nearby table. Gibbs and DiNozzo joined the four and Sisko was first to speak. "Admiral Kelley."

"Uh, yes, what a tragedy. I'm sure you ALL will find his killer," Quark said.

Kira, standing on Quark's right, leaned into his face until they were nose-to-cheek. "It wasn't just a tragedy. It was murder."

"Someone tampered with the holosuite," Odo added. "The access codes were changed in an attempt to cover up the killer's identity. We know it was done from here by someone."

"Here? Hold on, hold on! You don't think I'M the killer?" Quark said. "You don't...right?"

"I think you somehow have a higher clearance level than Constable Odo: level seven," Sisko said. "It would take at least a level seven to make the changes to the database that would hide the killer's identity."

"I...I would NEVER do something like that," Quark protested.

Gibbs walked up to the Ferengi and stopped within an inch of his nose. "There is a dead man in the infirmary," Gibbs growled. "A four-star admiral in the United States Navy. A war hero, highly respected officer, husband and father of three. Shot dead while he was ON YOUR STATION, intending to continue to build ties between his country and world and the people here."

"I know that, sir," Quark said. "I'm telling you I didn't do it--"

"AND I'M TELLING YOU WE KNOW THE DATABASE WAS CHANGED FROM HERE!" Gibbs yelled. Quark thought he might have wet himself, and the others were thrown off guard by the intensity in Gibbs's approach. "If you didn't pull the trigger, you're potentially at the LEAST an accessory to murder."

"He's correct," Odo said. "IF you refuse to help, you are a suspect in the investigation. Bajoran law states--"

"I know what it states!" Quark blurted. "BELIEVE me, I know the law--"

"And how you can skirt it," Kira said. "We know you're hiding something that relates to this murder. We want to know what it is."

"And you can begin by explaining how you got such a high level of clearance, higher than seven," Sisko said.

Quark explained how he kept several isolinear security rods -- the 24th century equivalent of a flash drive -- behind the bar. He normally used them to access information that, as a civilian, he shouldn't have access to.

After Sisko contacted Dax to get the times of the database and security video alterations, Quark stammered -- under Odo and Kira's glares -- that he didn't kill the admiral.

"Boss, he's putting on an act trying to cover himself, or he didn't do it," DiNozzo whispered to Gibbs. "I'm leaning towards the latter."

"He's seen the killer even if he doesn't know it," Gibbs whispered back before stepping forward.

"Where were you at the time of the alterations?" Gibbs asked. Quark, slightly scared of Gibbs but knowing he was innocent, explained where he was at those specific times: at the Dabo table, arguing away from the bar with his waiter Rom, and kissing up to the Terran visitors. He also, briefly, was behind the bar preparing a cherry Coke for Morn, a regular patron.

"At the time the records were faked," Sisko said. "You're implicating yourself."

"No, no, no," Quark insisted. "Morn saw me and asked me if I had any Terran sodas. Of course, I do. I went behind the bar, to the replicator. I fixed Morn's soda and gave it to him, then walked past the guy to talk to a couple of my Dabo girls."

"What 'guy'?" Kira said.

"The guy working on one of the replicators," Quark said. "It started messing up. I never saw him before yesterday. His name was Serk, and he said he was a civilian repairman and offered to fix the replicator free of charge. So, I let him."

"I bet you couldn't turn down an offer to work for free," Sisko said.

"Well, at worst, it still doesn't work and I get O'Brien to fix it. Best case, it works and I don't have to listen to him complain."

"You allowed a stranger behind your bar, working on your replicator, potentially giving him access to your database," Gibbs said. "We're going back to the bar, and you're going to show us where he was when you saw him."

"Before we do so," Sisko said, nodding his approval to Odo and Kira, "I have something I want to show you."

Sisko handed a PADD to Quark. The screen had two pictures: one of the featureless humanoid from the Starfleet Academy holosimulation where the admiral was killed. The second was of the girl from the security video.

"I don't know who that is in the first picture," Quark said. "The second girl is Deena. She started work here a month ago, left last week."

"Where might she be now?" Odo said.

"I don't know. Bajor? No. She told me she was staying on the station while she looked for a permanent place on Bajor."

Odo contacted one of his security officers and told her to go to Deena's quarters, agreeing to Gibbs's request to have David accompany her. "While we're at the bar, you can show us where you keep these security rods," Odo told Quark, grabbing him by the arm as the group headed out to the bar.

There, Quark showed the others the two locations he saw Serk: at the broken replicator, and the access terminal to the main database.

"He said he needed the terminal to finish his changes. I said that's fine, gave him my access clearance, then saw the girls...oh...OH."

"'Oh' meaning he accessed the database?" Gibbs asked. Quark nodded, and Gibbs took the PADD from Sisko, showing Quark the first picture. "Would this be him?"

Quark looked intently at the picture. "Same height, similar build, jaw line's exactly the same. It could be him."

"I want a description of Serk," Gibbs said. "My people can produce a sketch."

"You're welcome to do so, Agent Gibbs," Sisko said. "But we can produce a virtual composite from Quark's description, as well as others at the bar when this Serk worked."

"When you're done with Quark, Commander Sisko and Agent Gibbs, he and I have other business to discuss," Odo said. "I'll rejoin you after I investigate these security rods while he's giving you the suspect's description."

Security Office

Between Quark's description and that of three others who were at the bar when Serk was there, both Dax and Sciuto had plenty to work with in creating the suspect's virtual portrait.

After looking closely at both the virtual portrait and the paper sketch done by McGee, Quark was certain he was looking at the man whom he unwittingly gave access to the station database.

"Have you put a BOLO out on him yet?" Gibbs asked Sisko, Odo and Kira. Noting the confusion on their faces, McGee explained what BOLO meant: 'be on the lookout'.

Within minutes, the suspect's description had been sent to the Bajoran Militia's planetside headquarters. Odo's security people were looking for Serk and Deena.

Habitat Ring
Deena's quarters

David and security officer Lina's search hadn't found anything relating to the case. Gibbs told her via communicator to "search again". The Terran and Bajoran resumed their search, both checking where the other had looked the first time.

Ziva found a PADD hidden underneath a Bajoran potted plant. While Lina cursed herself for overlooking it, Ziva (with the computer's help) found Deena's itinerary for the past week.

"I've hit payday!" Ziva exclaimed when she saw a note referencing a "Circ", on the Federation English translation from the original Bajoran.

"I'm sorry, Officer David, I'm not certain what you mean," Lina said as she stood next to Ziva, looking at the PADD. "I'm not very familiar with Terran nor Earth phrases."

"It means to discover something of value, although payDAY may not be the precise term. But what it represents is important here. This shows she met with the suspect before noon of the day of Admiral Kelley's death."

Lina scrunched her eyebrows and bit her lower lip, as she did when something didn't make sense to her. "This, in Federation English is C-I-R-C. The information we were given indicated the suspect's name was spelled S-I-R-K. Pronounced like 'Kirk', after the famous Federation captain."

"Or Kirk Douglas, a famous actor on my homeworld whom I learned of from a colleague," David replied. "C-I-R-C could be pronounced 'sers', or, 'serk'."

"S-E-R-K. Officer David, I think we made a breakthrough."


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