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Lazon System: Republic of Cardassia

Stardate: 53372.1

The doors to the Pershing's wardroom parted and Scharr and T'les stepped inside. It was the end of a rather taxing day in Engineering fighting with the power flow regulators. Both were looking forward to a hot meal in their quarters. However, Annabeth and Alex had asked to see them along with the rest of the senior staff.

"Does anybody know what this is about?" the Andorian said taking a seat next to Katie and Phil.

"Presumably, it is related to a rather important personal matter, likely relating to Captain Geist's pregnancy," T'les said pulling out the chair next to Laria.

"What makes you say that, T?" Phil asked confused.

"If it was duty-related," the Vulcan said in her typical flat tone, "this conversation would have occurred during duty hours. Therefore, since it is of a personal nature, it is significant enough to bring us all in together at once. Barring another epiphany, the most current event of such significance is the fact that the two are expecting a child."

"How logical of you, T'les," Katie muttered sarcastically.

"Thank you," T'les replied with a respectful nod.

Laria rubbed her nose ridges. Despite the Vulcan's obliviousness to Katie's jab, she was dead on about the topic of this meeting. She just hoped that this new information would do less harm than good.

The doors opened again and Tigranian walked in. Katie moved to call the room attention, but the captain motioned for them to stay seated.

"At ease guys," he said passing his usual seat at the head of the table for another one next to his wife. "We're off duty. This is about AB and Alex."

At that moment, both women walked in a stood at the head of the table in front of everyone.

"Thank you for coming," Annabeth said with a deep breath. Everyone noticed she reached out and grabbed Alex's hand for support. "I know a lot of you were surprised when we announced the other night that we were pregnant, but that wasn't the entire truth…"

"After everything we have been through together, and talking with our donor," Alex said, "we agreed that we should let you all know the rest of the story. It's better that it comes directly from us instead of via rumor and conjecture. After all, it takes a village right?"

Katie did her best to hide a smirk.

"The man who volunteered to help us did so after we asked him, out of the kindest of his heart," Alex continued.

"He did so with the complete understanding we would raise this child as our own and asked for nothing in return," Annabeth added.

"And that man is…" Alex said nervously.

"Daniel Tigranian," Annabeth said.

The table fell silent. Those that already knew scanned the eyes of those that didn't looking for some sense of shock or betrayal.

"That's it?" Scharr said holding up his hands. "You brought us all in here to let us know that?"

In many ways, Scharr's lack of surprise was even more shocking than Annabeth's revelation.

"We were just concerned that you all would think it was inappropriate or showed unnecessary favoritism to us," Alex replied.

"Hardly," T'les said cocking her head to one side. "If anything, it was a very logical solution to a biological problem set."

"Is everything logical to you, T?" Katie said grinning.

"Like all members of my species, I try to view things through the lens of logic. The primary goal of most paired humanoids is to procreate their species. Homosexual relationships are unable to do so through usual means, therefore you had to devise a solution. If the captain was willing to contribute, he was fulfilling his duty of dedication to the welfare of his subordinates."

"Most captains I know don't fulfill duty to that level," Phil said still trying to wrap his head around it.

"Our captain is more dedicated than most, Phil," Katie said taking his hand.

"Team," Tigranian said leaning forward. "I want you all to know that this won't affect my ability to lead. This was merely an act of kindness…"

"Sir…" Scharr said cutting him off. "Has this really been bothering you all this much?" the Andorian asked incredulously.

"A little bit, yes," Annabeth said. "We don't like keeping secrets from this crew."

"Then, Ma'am," he said curling his antennae, "With all due respect, you're way too concerned with other people's feelings."

The room fell silent.

"Honestly," Scharr continued. "What you crazy group of pink-skins do behind closed doors in your quarters is your own damned business. Don't get me wrong, if you want me to spend a little time with the rug rat and teach it the right way to turn a wrench, I'd be happy too, but if you want me to have zero contact from the second you push it out, I'm fine with that too.

What really matters to the men and women in this room is that we continue to work as a team. If you all think we can do that as a result of this little revelation: rock on.

But, if anybody here can't put their personal stupidity aside and act like a grown-ass adult, I'll drop my transfer to the Shran right now. Captain Zhe'vasda has already tried to bribe me by offering to drop the ambient temperature of the ship twenty degrees."

Tigranian looked around the table.

"I don't think that will be necessary, Tren," he said meeting the eyes of everyone in the room. "However, if anyone here thinks differently, feel free to speak up now. They're won't be any consequences."

The entire table looked back at him and nodded.

"Alright then," Tigranian said with pause. He then turned to his first officer and doctor. "Anything else you want to talk about?"

Annabeth grabbed the back of a chair and leaned forward.

"Captain Tigranian says it all the time, but I don't think I've said it enough…I am so proud of this crew. You're the best I've ever served with."

"And probably the best you ever will serve with," Katie said with a chuckle.

Scharr grumbled something and raised his hand.

"Yes, Tren?"Alex said.

"I love you all as much as the next guy," he said. "I get it, it's your first kid. You're all excited. However, I'm tired as hell and have an appointment with a cold shower in my quarters. If we're done with this anti-climactic, emotional circle-jerk…"

Annabeth began to laugh.

"We're good, Tren," she said flashing him a grin. She then looked over to Tigranian and Laria who smiled back at her. "We're all good."

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