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In Orbit of Bajor

Stardate: 53313.9

Tigranian, Torlek, and Murphy strolled onto the bridge.

"Admiral on the Bridge!" Annabeth shouted as she stepped out of the turbolift behind them.

"Carry on," Murphy said happily.

They had broken their fast this morning. The food did wonders to return their strength.

Tigranian offered his chair to Murphy, but the Admiral declined. The captain and first officer took their positions as Phil made his way to the helm.

"Today's the big day, Dan. Are you ready?" Murphy asked.

Tigranian chuckled and looked at his old friend.

"I'm more ready than I have been for anything else in my life, Pete."

"Lady Elessa signaled me this morning," Torlek interjected. "She already awaits us on the surface."

"Ensign Gleeto, what about the rest of our crewmates?"

"Bajoran Space Traffic Control reports that the runabout carrying Doctor Hunter, Lieutenant Stone, Lieutenant T'les, and Lieutenant Laria landed safely in Rakantha, Sir."

"Well, it seems like we're the last to arrive," Tigranian said.

"Better late than never, Sir," Annabeth said with a wink.

"Sir," Ensign Gleeto said looking at his console. "I'm receiving a priority message for General Torlek from the Klingon High Command. It's coded for his eyes only."

"I will take it my quarters," he said heading for the turbolift.

"Gentlemen," Annabeth said to Admiral Murphy and Tigranian once he was gone. "May I speak to you privately?"

The two men exchanged glances.

"Of course, Number One," the captain replied nervously and the three of them headed for his ready room.

Once the doors had sealed, Annabeth began to speak.

"Sir," she said to Tigranian, "I want you to enjoy your honeymoon on Guada. I'll handle everything as subspace communication will be almost impossible there."

"Of course, Annabeth, I know you'll keep everything ship-shape as usual."

"Yes Sir," Annabeth said taking a deep breath. "But after you get back…Admiral Murphy, you said that the Venture needed a commander and chief medical officer. Are those positions still available?"


"Then, I formally request to be named Captain of the USS Venture. I think it's time."

She looked over to Tigranian who looked like he had just been punched in the stomach.

"Well, Annabeth," Murphy replied. "The decision is not up to me, but I'll let Admiral Paris know immediately. I'll think he'll be quite pleased to hear that."

"Sir," she said turning back to Tigranian. "I want you know, this has nothing to do with you or the ship. I love it here, but I can't sit in the jump seat forever."

"I know," Tigranian said with a contemplative nod. He walked over and held out his hand. "Congratulations, Captain."

The door chimed.

"Come in," Tigranian said.

Torlek entered with a scowl on his face.

"General, what is it?" Annabeth asked.

"This morning, Cardassian insurgents seized control of two planets from the Klingon Occupation Authority and declared themselves to be independent of the Provisional Government. They appear to be part of the same movement that attacked Bajor.

The High Council has mobilized the Suk'valt with orders to reconquer the lost worlds and put down the insurgency. The HoS will meet me at Bajor tomorrow after the wedding and I will rejoin the rest of my ships."

"You will soon taste battle again, my Brother," Tigranian said trying to be optimistic. "May Glory and Honor follow you on your mission."

"Though I cannot wait to punish these Cardassian veQ, I am still concerned, Daniel. Imperial Intelligence is already receiving reports of unrest on Qo'nos. Many of the commoners feel this will lead to further degradation of the Klingon Economy and give the noble houses an excuse to crack down on reforms. Where battle usually unites our people, I feel that this fight will divide us even further."

"Please tell the High Council to keep Starfleet informed, General," Murphy. "We're still allies. I'm sure we can be of assistance, especially since it's only a matter of time until the insurgency spills across into our zone."

"The Empire thanks you for your concern, Admiral," Torlek replied, "But to be victorious, The Klingon Defense Force must contain this cancer alone. There are many who feel that we have become too dependent on the Federation already. We must show the people that we can still be strong."

"Still, we will do all we can to help, Brother," Tigranian said.

"I know you will, Daniel," Torlek said walking over to him. "But today is not the day to think of troubles. Today, we will focus only on you and your bride. Let the rest wait until tomorrow."

"Bridge to Captain," Gleeto's voice sounded through the intercom.

"Go ahead," Tigranian said tapping his comm badge.

"We're in position over Rakantha province, Sir. We're ready to beam down you and your party immediately."

"Thank you. We'll start heading towards the transporter room. Tell Chief Dawson to be standing by."

"Aye Sir," Gleeto replied.

"It's time," Tigranian with a nervous sigh.

"The galaxy will still be there when you get back from your Honeymoon, Dan," Murphy said with a smile. "But now, there's a woman waiting for you on the surface, and she's not gonna wait forever."

"Be determined and advance, Sir," Annabeth seconded. "We didn't travel the whole path to kal'Hyah for you to chicken out now."

"I have no intention of doing that, Number One," Tigranian replied with a grin.

"Then, let's go!" Torlek said. "My wife does not like to be kept waiting."

"No, she doesn't," Tigranian said. After a brief moment of contemplation, he looked the General in his eyes. "Today is a good day to live, my Brother."

"It is indeed, Son of Tigranian. It is indeed."

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