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Chapter Notes:

Back to the prime timeline, and what life is like when you're part of an open marriage. Direct sequel to Temper and Tumult.

Puréed, mashed immature olowa fruit sailed past their heads, landing on the opposite wall. Violet mush slowly began oozing downwards. “Now, Tommy,” Melissa Madden told their son, “you need to eat this. Have one spoonful for Mommy.” 

Her partner, Norri Digiorno, said, “He ate for Lili. You did,” she addressed the baby, “but not for us, eh? I swear; the olowa isn’t any different here.” 

“C’mon, Tommy, you can do this,” Melissa steeled herself for the inevitable, and received a teaspoonful of mashed olowa fruit on her right cheek. 

“That does it, I’m calling Lili,” Norri announced. 

“No, wait, we can do this. We’re his parents, with Doug. This is our job.” 

“I’m sure she went through this with Joss,” Norri said. “Plus, seriously, a professional chef? I bet she adds pixie dust to the olowa or something.” 

“Pixie dust? You must really be sleep-deprived. Okay, Tommy, one more pixie-dust-laden bite for Mommy.” 

Now the opposite wall received a matching splotch of violet paste. 

“He’s got a good arm on him. Doug said he wanted a baseball team. Guess who’s pitching?” Norri also received a mashed olowa facial. She turned to Melissa. “Now do you wanna call Lili?” 

Melissa sighed. “One more try?” 

“You have persevered enough. He just won’t eat without whatever magical thing she says or does.” 

“Yeah, you’re right.” She flipped open her communicator. “I want to talk to Lili Beckett, just outside of Fep City.” There was a pause. “Lili! We can’t get Tommy to eat. What kinda pixie dust did you put in the olowa? He won’t eat it any other way. We’re desperate. We’ll try anything.” 

Lili answered, “Vanilla extract and a little orange marmalade.” 

“Really? Okay, one more try. Thanks, Lili.” Melissa smooshed it all together and, finally, the violet mush disappeared.

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