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Chapter Notes:

E2 timeline again. Kelsey's story is told in more detail in the prime timeline in the story In Memory of Kelsey Haber.

Come to me my melancholy baby 

It was an ancient recording. But Security Crewman Kelsey Haber knew all the words, and sang along. A little dance was added, and a non-regulation green dress was worn, the short, flippy skirt adding a little pizzazz to each hip sway. 

Outside, the Delphic Expanse beckoned, and the sights of a familiar system that the crew had named Amity were in view. Amity was where peach trees grew, and weddings were conducted sometimes, and even the Ikaarans loved it. Paradise, the other claimed world, was hot and had beaches. But Amity, there was something about Amity. And so it was to be the site of yet another wedding, of the son of Communications Officer Hoshi Sato and Quartermaster Chandrasekar Khan. The groom was a nervous kid named Toru Khan and his bride was one of the half-Denobulan Phlox girls, Roberta. 

“I’ve got no date,” Kelsey – alone – murmured to no one. “A pity. What a waste of a perfectly good dress.” A quick glance in the mirror confirmed the next thing said. “I look pretty damned hot, if I do say so myself.” 

There was an alarm, and the captain’s voice came over the intercom. “It might be nothing, but we’re not taking any chances today. Go to and stand by your stations. This is not a drill. Repeat: this is not a drill.” 

Kelsey doffed the dress and got back in uniform and stuffed the dress into a drawer. He ran into the hallway, and no one would ever know.

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