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Story Notes:

--- a drabble ---

“Wait up, Pete!” called Damien. They were schoolteachers together on Earth. Pete quickened his pace. “Pete! Porter!” 

Porter turned for a second. “What?” 

Damien jogged over. “C’mon, we’re pals. Or at least we were. What the hell happened?” 

“You’ve been distant since you got a girlfriend.” 

“Oh, that, sorry. Look, Pete, can I ask you something?” 

“I suppose.” They started walking again. 

“I, I need a Best Man.” 

“So it’s serious.” 

“Yeah. I love Kalara, no matter what it looks like. I don’t care about appearances if I can’t be with her.” 

“You got it bad, Damien.” 

“Yeah, I do.”

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